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Hardwood Flooring Trends - Colours

Hardwood flooring trends for 2021 - coloursNew year, new wood flooring trends, so let's explore them because this is a topic many people are excited to find out more about. Since hardwood flooring continues to grow in popularity and more and more people are choosing it as a fundamental aspect of the interior design, new flooring trends of the year is a topic any of us await with excitement. Hardwood flooring is, nowadays, probably one of the most common and sought after flooring choices for the majority of households in the country. Ironically, the second place of domestic flooring choices is followed by flooring options that mimic the beauty and elegance of wood such as laminate, luxury vinyl, etc. So it is safe to say that everybody loves the beauty of wood and wants to enjoy it in their home.

Despite the fact that wood mimicking flooring materials are very popular, real wood remains the most popular choice for the majority of households, because it is stylish, durable, creates a unique atmosphere of cosiness and warmth, lasts for decades and it is timeless and never going out of fashion. The fact that wood flooring can be re-sanded, refinished and stained over the years means you can have a floor that always represents the current trends in the interior design world and once preferences start changing.

Now, interior trends are not something you have to follow mandatorily. Of course, when it comes to such a big and fundamental aspect of the interior design, it is mostly down to personal taste and preferences, always. At the end of the day, you don't want to have to stick with a floor you are not particularly happy with for decades. And real wood floors are designed to last up to a whole century, so it will be a long time looking at something you regret purchasing since the beginning. Therefore, we highly recommend you not to prioritise current trends but your personal preferences instead. However, if you still want to hop on the trendy wagon or you simply find a style that resonates with you a lot among the current wood flooring trends of the year, this article is right up your alley.

Keep in mind that not all colours and wood flooring styles work for every home. Therefore, besides finding a wood flooring trend you fancy, do not forget to consider how this trend is going to work into your space and is it comes with an added value to your home's interior or not. You will notice that some of the trends listed below may seem like a bit contradictory. It is, once again, because of the fact that different flooring trends work with different interiors, therefore, the main idea is that you have different options to choose from and you are not limited.

Here are some of the best wood flooring trends for the year:

Dark and Cool Tones Hardwood Floors

Dark and cool tones hardwood floorsThe trend of darker tones wood floors is not something new in the industry, however, it definitely is continuing to grow. Now, when it comes to dark wood floors there is one thing for sure - they are not the easiest wood floor style to maintain. Dark wood floors tend to show every particle of dust and dirt. Therefore, they are a common choice for households with no young kids or pets. Naturally, young kids and pets will make cleaning and maintaining dark wood floors a nightmare.

The dark colour is simply the worst at camouflaging dust and smaller surface imperfections such as scratches. However, if you have young kids and pets at home, but you cannot resist the dark colour trend, you can always make a compromise and choose something slightly lighter in colour, which will allow you to look after your floor without investing too much time and energy. No matter what you will opt for, one thing is for sure, cool undertones are totally in right now. This year there is a strong move away from reddish and warmer undertones, which means you don't want to get a walnut or cherry floor if you want to be in trend right now. Instead, opt for a floor with no red undertones and choose brows that are cure and cooler. The cool undertones trend is not limited in wood flooring only because you can see them on the walls too, e.g. grey walls. These work perfectly together with a beautiful, rich, deep, and dramatic dark wood floor.

When it comes to dark wood floors, more and more customers are now going for interesting and exciting blends such as a blend between ebony and walnut, or ebony and Jacobean. In addition, many reputable manufacturers now offer true black wood floor stains that can help you achieve a dramatic effect even if you have a light brown wooden floor. Since dark wood floors are not the easiest to maintain clean, make sure to opt for something slightly lighter, however, you can keep the idea of a beautiful dark floor. Options you can choose from are dark walnut, antique brown, coffee brown, special walnut, or a blend of these.

Grey Hardwood Floors

Grey hardwood floorsGrey is one of the colours of the years according to the colour institute Pantone, so naturally, this will affect current flooring trends too. You can find more and more wood floors coloured in shades of grey. This may seem like a pretty unusual hardwood floor colour at first, however, give it a chance and you may fall in love with it. In recent years grey wood flooring is on the rise and you may want to see it incorporated in your interior style now. When it comes to grey wood flooring, you can either purchase a new grey wood floor that is already prefinished, or you can also opt for staining your existing wooden floor in a grey shade.

Of course, refinishing your hardwood floor grey is not necessarily a simple task, therefore we highly recommend you to hire an experienced specialist to do the job for you. Despite the fact that grey wood floors have been on the rise for quite some time now, we see more and more shades of grey in the last couple of years, which means the trend is now evolving and offering more options for you to enjoy. We also now see a lot of grey blends with different dark shades of brown and even with blacks for a more dramatic effect.

Light and Natural Hardwood Floors

Light and natural hardwood floorsOne more trend, this one on the opposite on the spectrum. Light and very natural-looking and muted hardwood floors are also a very big trend of the year. This is a pretty consistent trend throughout the years.

However, this year's concept is more about cool-toned lights and neutrals and the yellow undertones are left behind in the past. Light wood floor tones have the advantage of visually making every room appear more spacious and airy, which is a huge benefit for many homeowners.

One important thing to keep in mind when opting for a light and the neutral wooden floor is carefully choosing a finish that won't turn yellowing overtime as this will contradict with your whole idea of choosing a light wooden floor with cool undertones.

Whitewashed Hardwood Floors

Whitewashed hardwood floorsNow, whitewashed may be a slightly controversial wood flooring trend since most people may remember these from the eighties and, as you know, a lot of trends from the eighties have a pretty bad rep of being tacky and kitschy. However, you will be happy to find out that today's whitewashed wooden floors are nothing like the whitewashed hardwood floors back in the past. So it is safe to say that whitewashed floors are not reinvented and modernised, look significantly more stylish and can complement the interior of every home. Nowadays, if you want to enjoy a whitewashed floor and be in trend, you want to go for a matte finish and a more subtle character, nothing too extreme ad bold.

For a modern look, keep in mind that the whitewashed effect works best on oak wood flooring since the mineral streaks give wood a more linear and modern look for a contemporary and sophisticated interior style. If you want to go for whitewashed floors, make sure to be more subtle in your choice so the floor looks more natural. The good news is that great products are available on the market. You don't have to stain your floor in white anymore as this gives it a more artificial look. Choose a slightly tinted sealer with a white tone that will make the floor look whiter and brighter, however, pretty natural and subtle at the same time.

Stay tuned for more articles on the topic where we will discuss the trendiest wood floor finishes, wood species, and wood floor styles of the year.

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