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What Wood to Choose When Installing a Wooden Deck

The patio is a separate living space and must be well furnished! Do you wish to construct a wooden deck? We are full of imagination to make it comfortable, warm, and above all welcoming. As a result, wood has become a necessary component in the design of our outdoor living area. What finer material could convey such genuine warmth? Wood is environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and noble. It is still up to you to select the ideal option for your current exterior design. Do our proposals assist you in any way?

Wood has all its advantages. This material is noble, authentic, and environmentally friendly, and it adds all of its attractiveness to your exterior. It also demands minimum upkeep to provide optimal comfort. We promptly made our decision after weighing the benefits and drawbacks. Softwood, exotic, composite, and other species of wood exist. Finding it difficult to navigate and figure out which one would best fit your exterior? In this post, you'll learn all you need to know to find what will best suit your patio. 

European wood

This wood has a light-coloured look that ranges from yellow to red. It will darken to a silver-grey colour with time. This wood is less expensive and less harmful to the environment than exotic woods. On the other side, it is less resistant to humidity, insects, and fungus and requires special care. The five main kinds of European wood are as follows: 

- The pine has a slightly greenish hue and is highly robust (approximately fifteen years).

- Larch is a solid wood that provides good value for money as well as excellent resistance due to its hardness. 

- Red Cedar is naturally rot-resistant and does not require any further treatment. It also has a long lifespan, although it is more expensive.

- Robinia False acacia is environment resistant and long-lasting, making it ideal for a patio. 

- Due to its resilience to fungus and insects, Douglas fir is a popular choice for outdoor areas. 

The exotic wood

It is the top of the wooden deck's range. Because this wood is so solid, no treatment is required to keep it safe. Exotic wood is the material of choice for noble, high-quality patios since it is naturally rot-proof and weather-resistant. All of the varieties can be used in damp, weather-resistant environments. Exotic wood has a distinct personality, and its beauty is noticeable at first glance. The primary disadvantage is the cost. South America and Central Africa are the primary sources of exotic wood decking. Here are the seven most common exotic wood species:

- Teak is naturally resistant to external aggressions. 

- Ipe is a dark brown hardwood. It has a distinctive veining pattern. Its resilience is only matched by its cost, which is high due to its rarity.

- The Padauk is a vibrant redwood. It's also thick and hardy, although it greys soon. 

- Cumaru comes in a range of light to dark brown tones, from golden brown to red.

- Garapa is wood with an excellent price-to-quality ratio. Furthermore, it thrives in moist conditions. 

- Tali is a yellow-brown to red-brown wood that is extremely resilient and sturdy.

- Massaranduba has a very dense, reddish-brown essence. It is resistant to saltwater and is therefore frequently installed near the sea.

Build a modified wood deck

A customised wooden deck can be made using a variety of methods. Thermo-heating is the first step. This entails heating the wood to a very high temperature. This is called thermally modified wood or very high-temperature treatment. This treatment renders the wood resistant to insects, fungi, and humidity-related deformation. In addition, it darkens the colour of the wood.

Impregnation is the second option available to you. It can be carried out by a mixture based on hot vegetable oils and particular flax. The impregnation also adds durability and a darker colour to the shade. So, have you made your choice?

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