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Three Top Advantages of Matte Wood Flooring

Three top advantages of matte wood flooringChoosing the right wooden floor for your needs, requirements, and desires is not an easy job. There are many factors to keep in mind and many aspects to consider. Once you choose the right type of wood flooring, the right wood species, and the right colour, the next thing you would like to take your time and consider is choosing the right finish. In fact, choosing the right wood floor finish is as important as choosing the right type of wooden floor. The finish you are going to choose will determine the look and atmosphere of the room, where the floor is installed, even the floor's durability and whether or not it will be easy to maintain and keep in good condition for long.

There are many types of wood floor finishes and many effects you can achieve with a finish. High-gloss, gloss, satin, and matte, the choice is wide and different finishes can contribute differently to different households. Glossy finishes are often popular because of the elegance they add to every space and how classy they look. However, matte finishes to gain more and more popularity in recent years. In fact, a matte finish can be significantly more beneficial for certain projects than a glossy one. Let's dive deeper into matte wood floor finishes and what are the main advantages of this finish option.


Have a look at a few interior design magazines or blogs online and you will easily spot the recent trends when it comes to wood flooring - it is all about a rustic, authentic, and very natural look. As you can guess, a highly shiny and glossy wooden floor does not fit into this trend that good. Unlike a glossy finish, a matte one is created to be suitable to this the most recent trends in the wood flooring world and gives the floor a very natural and simple look. Thanks to its cleaner and more simple look, a matte finish can easily contribute to the rustic feel of every real wood floor.


The main purpose of a wood floor finish is not only improving the look of a wooden floor and adding a fashionable or a more classic twist to the appearance but mainly taking care of the floor's condition and ensuring effective protection and preservation of the colour and texture. For a wood floor finish it is important to make the floor durable, long-lasting, and hard-wearing. While there is no difference in the protection power of a high-gloss and matte finish, the matte option is considered to be the better solution for areas of high traffic and heavy footfall. The busier an area of a wood floor is, the quicker you can expect it to show signs of wear and tear. Every little scratch and imperfection will look even more noticeable on the surface of a glossy finish. On the contrary, a matte finish is very good at hiding such smaller imperfections effectively.

Satin Finish as an Alternative

Well, a super matter finish is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. If you find a matte finish not that appealing and it looks to unclear and dull to you, a satin finish is a good alternative. Satin wood floor finish reflects the light slightly more than a matte finish but not as much as a gloss one. A satin finish also adds a very neutral and authentic look to the wooden floor and it is also good at camouflaging different smaller and finer scratches and imperfections. Whether you will choose a matte or satin finish is a question of personal preference and the look you desire to achieve for your wooden floor.

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