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Your Comprehensive Guide to Tigerwood Flooring

Your comprehensive guide to tigerwood flooringTigerwood is among the most popular wood flooring choices among homeowners when it comes to exotic woods. Originated and sources from South America, Tigerwood comes with the promise of excellent durability, longevity and impact resistance along with the dramatic look and unique colour. Every home and office space can work as the perfect place for a beautiful Tigerwood floor that is suitable for many interior design contexts. So why you would like to choose Tigerwood over the impressive amount of other options and wood species you can choose from? Let's find a bit more about this amazing type of wood flooring.

Tigerwood Flooring - Benefits and Advantages

The name Tigerwood is not a coincidence, although this type of wood species is also popular as Zebrawood and Brazilian Koa. No matter how you call it, all names fit this wood species very well, because it comes with a very distinctive look and natural design that represents the beauty of the animal's natural pattern of strikes. In fact, Tigerwood comes in deep, rich, cosy, and dramatic dark brown streaking across a tan or deep orange background main shade, which give this type of wood the distinctive and unique look we know it for.

When it comes to grain, Tigerwood comes with an even grain and it is fairly consistent, which adds even more aesthetic to its already unique appearance. The main sources where Tigerwood grows and is sourced from are Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia. With its rich colours, beautiful undertones, and distinctive natural pattern, Tigerwood would bring a lot of style, character, and charm to your home. It is a bold and exciting flooring choice. Tigerwood would not work as a simple and classic backdrop in the room where it is installed. It is definitely the type of wood flooring that makes a statement and becomes a focal point of the room, often dictating the rest of the room's style and design.

Tigerwood is a great choice for every homeowner who wants to stay away from the generic wood flooring look and they are going for a more custom look and unique design choices. One thing you should be aware of when considering a Tigerwood flooring is that this type of wood has the tendency to darken when exposed to a lot of sunlight, while the colour variation tends to mellow over time.

Tigerwood scores a pretty high result on the Janka hardness scale, so you can assume that this South American wood species is naturally super durable and strong. Far stronger and more durable than the common domestic wood flooring types, Tigerwood flooring is hard-wearing, long-lasting, impact-resistant, and withstands consistent wear and force perfectly. It is safe to say that a Tigerwood floor will last you a lifetime and will look amazing for decades with a natural pattern that easily camouflages smaller surface imperfections like scratches, marks, scuffs, etc. As an additional bonus, we need to mention that Tigerwood is highly resistant to pest infestation thanks to the climate and growing condition of this type of wood in South America.

Tigerwood Flooring Upkeep

Tigerwood flooring installationJust like it is with any other type of real wood flooring, Tigerwood flooring requires a level of upkeep in order to optimise its appearance and longevity. However, it does not mean that you have to spend your whole day cleaning and taking care of the floor with your sleeves rolled up. In fact, wood floor maintenance and cleaning should not be complex and time-consuming, it should be proper and regular, which does not require too much of your time, energy, money, or elbow grease. In order to keep the floor clean and prevent scratching and dirt build-up, make sure to vacuum it regularly and always use the vacuum attachment that is designed for hard surfaces as it minuses the risk of additional scratching while you are cleaning.

Thankfully, Tigerwood flooring has a very good resistance to wear and tear and scratching, which makes it a great choice for busy and high traffic areas of the house and for big households with young children and pets. However, make sure you are wiping off spills and splashes as soon as you notice them since Tigerwood, just like any other real wood flooring, is not best friends with water and moisture which can damage the floor or stain the finish. Always use protective felt pads and attach them to the legs of furniture pieces that are heavier or often moves around in order to prevent scratches, marks, and scuffs. Don't drag your chairs or other furniture pieces around the room as you risk to destroy the floor or its finish. Finally, it is always a great idea to place doormats strategically at your front door so a minimal amount of dust and dirt enters the house attached to the soles of your shoes.

Tigerwood Flooring - Installation

As we have already mentioned, Tigerwood flooring is known for how strong and solid it is which is a great advantage for customers. However, just because of this strength and lack of flexibility, Tigerwood flooring could also be a bit challenging to install. Therefore, if you want to have a beautiful and long-lasting Tigerwood flooring, you better leave the installation in the hands of experienced and knowledgeable wood flooring installation specialists. In order to work with this type of wood, a wood floor installation specialist would use a carbon-tipped saw blade, which means that the average household tools won't do a lot and a DIY fitting project is definitely not a good idea. However, if you still prefer to do the job yourself and not hire a pro, make sure to ask your local flooring dealer about all the tools needed to work with Tigerwood flooring.

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