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Real Wood Flooring Colour Options You Have

Real wood flooring colour options you haveWhenever you are planning the installation of real wood flooring, there will be a lot of things to consider and several choices you would make. One of the main benefits and advantages of real wood flooring is the amazing variety it is offered in. There are different types of real wood flooring, different wood species, colours, grades, textures, designs, installation arrangements and methods, and so much more. You can bet that choosing the right wooden floor for your requirements and desires is a process of many decisions.

Some of these decisions will be affected by factors that do not require you to choose - sometimes there are specific conditions that require a specific type of flooring as the best option for ensuring longevity and durability. However, when it comes to the design and style of your hardwood floor, it is entirely up to you and your own preferences, the way you want to create your interior style. Especially when it comes to the colour of the floor - this is a decision based on individual preferences.

Wooden floors are available in a really wide palette and a variety of colours. Some of these colours are natural and part of the specific way the wood species look. Other colours can be additionally achieved with the help of professional processes ad methods such as staining, painting, sealing, and more. There is surely the right wood floor colour for even the pickiest customer with such an impressive variety of options.

Wood floor colours range from really dark, deep and dramatic, through middle tones and shades to very light and bright colours. Each of these colours will have its own distinctive effect, complementing the space or not being able to enhance its assets. Therefore, it is important to choose the floor colour wisely and make sure it is fitting to space and the overall atmosphere achieved by the interior of choice.

Have a look at some of the most popular wood floor colour options you can choose for your home and enjoy a great variety of opportunities for you to enjoy and have the home of your dreams.


Brown real wood flooringIndeed, brown is the ultimate classic wood floor colour. It is probably the colour of the wooden floor we envision every time the words "wood flooring" are mentioned. There is nothing more authentic to wood than being brown. When it comes to the brown family, keep in mind there is a really wide range of shades of brown you can choose from. In addition, some naturally brown wooden floors will come with different undertones - some will shift to the warmer side while others will be more on the cooler side. These are small but very significant details you need to consider and pay attention to in order to make sure your floor is perfectly suiting the rest of the interior of the room.

If you are going for a more classic and traditional look for your home, you can definitely opt for a classic medium warm-toned flooring. For a more dramatic and eye-catching look, dark chocolate brown is a great solution you definitely want to consider. Keep in mind that brown floors are pretty simple, classic and not overwhelming in the context of style, which makes them easily adaptable to new interior styles. Having a brown floor allows you to change the interior of the room without worrying whether or not the new interior style will suit the floor.


Another very classic wood flooring colour option is beige. It is on the lightest side of the spectrum, therefore, beige floors are a really good option if you want to create an optical illusion for a wider and more spacious room or if you want to complement a more minimalistic and simple interior style. Beige floors are usually used for more modern interiors and they also come with different undertones. Some light beige floors have more yellowish and warmer undertones, others have greyish-greenish undertones, while some beige floors come with pink undertones.


Yellow floors may not be everyone's cup of tea. However, in some interiors, they look really great and make a bold statement. Yellow floors with their warm undertones look perfect in the kitchen and the living room where they add a touch of cosiness. Yellow floors are not bright and vibrant, they are rather in the shades of honey and caramel. Naturally yellow wood species are maple and walnut. Yellow floors look perfectly with rustic and vintage-inspired interiors.


White real wood flooringWhite floors are a popular trend at the moment. They are a bold and intriguing choice. White floors, despite being very simple, are also very attractive and an interesting choice. White floors work perfectly with the minimalistic interior styles that are currently very trendy. White floors also create the optical illusion of a more spacious and larger room.


Gray floors are not a traditional choice, however, their popularity grew in the last few years. Grey floors are considered the "new neutral" and they also work perfectly with minimalistic and Scandinavian interior designs, being a great choice for modern and contemporary interiors. Gray also brings the grain of the wood and enhances its unique texture.


Red floors are not as popular at the moment as they used to back in the past. However, they are still an interesting and attractive choice and work perfectly in some interiors. Red floors add warmth and cosiness to the interior and make a bold statement, becoming the focal point of the room. However, be careful with red floors because they don't mix well with all sorts of interiors.


Black floors are, indeed, the boldest choice out there. Black floors add drama and unexpected beauty to the floor. However, be careful with black floors, they are not for everyone and they do not look good in all interiors. Black floors also have the tendency to make the room look smaller, therefore, opt for a black floor if you install it in a large and wide room. Choose them carefully, but if you opt for black flooring, make sure you will make a bold statement in the room and the floor will become the focal point in the room.

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