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Hottest Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Hottest interior design ideas for your living roomThe living room is probably the heart of your home and the busiest area of it. Considering how much of the time is spent in the living room of a home, there is no doubt that everyone is dreaming of a beautiful, cosy, functional, and easy-to-maintain living room. In addition, the living room is this unique area of the house that usually serves a lot of purposes – a play zone for the kids and lounge area for the parents, a place where you can welcome guests, the room where you watch TV, listen to music, read a book, have a conversation with family and friends, and so much more.

Since this single room is fitting so many purposes under its belt, it can be quite tricky to make it functional enough while still enjoying a trendy look and beautiful setting. Tricky, but still not impossible, for sure. In order to help you achieve the perfect balance between a functional yet very stylish and aesthetically pleasing living room, today we provide you with a few great ideas to consider for your lounge area.

Pick the Right Flooring

Considering the living room is such a busy area of your home, you definitely need to choose a floor that offers enough functionality and comfort but also can withstand the amount of everyday use and high traffic without getting worn and torn and out of shape too soon. You would also enjoy having a floor in your living room that is easy to maintain in great condition and appearance and does not require a challenging and time-consuming cleaning routine. Finally, you would also like to have installed a floor that looks amazing and perfectly complements the overall interior and atmosphere of the lounge space.

What floor can provide all of the above and meet your requirements at the same time? Well, the answer is pretty obvious, real wood flooring is the best decision you can make. A beautiful wooden floor can easily become the statement piece of the room and provide a lot of beauty, elegance and distinctive style. With an impressive abundance of wood flooring styles and designs, there is practically something even for the pickiest client and you can easily find the ideal match to the interior of your living room that will complement the overall style of the space. Besides their stunning appearance, wood floors are very durable and can last up to a hundred years if maintained properly.

A cleaning routine is not much of a hassle and stress and you and you can keep your wooden floor looking flawless at all times. Real wood flooring comes with a bunch more great benefits and advantages you don’t want to miss, including heat efficiency and great insulation. However, if real wood flooring is definitely not within your budget, you can always opt for laminate flooring that perfectly mimics the natural beauty of wood and its colour, texture, and pattern.

Wonderful Walls

Thankfully, the modern-day market is offering a plethora of creative and classic ways to decorate the walls of your living room, the most commonly used and preferred them being the classic wall paint and the textured and intriguing wallpapers. There are many paths you can follow when considering a particular style of your living room and your choice will determine the type and colour of paint or wallpapers you are going to choose.

The hottest trends right now are all about the minimalistic and Scandinavian style that puts a strong emphasis on simple white walls or walls painted in cooler colours and shades. However, you can go for a cosier and more classic style that will perfectly complement the overall concept of a lounge area and choose some earthy tones for the walls. In a major contrast to the minimalistic trend, vibrant and bold colours are not also super trendy and hot, so you can opt for reds, oranges, yellows and even deep greens and blues.

What About the Furniture

When it comes to the best furniture for the living room, this area of the house definitely requires furniture pieces that are not just beautiful and stylish but equally comfortable and functional. Your lounge area is not just a showing off room, it is this corner of the house that will be used by everyone in the family on a daily basis. Plus, as the name suggests, the lounge area in the room is to lounge and relax, therefore, you definitely want to choose the right furniture pieces to help you do so.

One particularly great idea for a living room with a beautiful wooden floor already installed is selecting furniture pieces that are made from wood and designed in the same colour scheme as the floor. This way you can create a simple and cosy atmosphere in your living room that shifts more to the classic side of the interior. However, if you want to be extra creative and unleash your imagination, you can always opt for bold statement furniture pieces. The best part is that a beautiful and simple wooden floor will work as the perfect backdrop and will allow the whole focus to be shifted towards the interestingly designed furniture pieces.

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