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Blanchon Presented Floor Finishes On A Workshop

Workshop with products from Blanchon

The wood reacts differently to the treatment procedures and products, which is why it’s important for our fitters to understand good these processes. To improve the knowledge of our staff, FlooringFirst! was part of a workshop organised by Blanchon and Flooring Centre Ltd, dedicated to different staining and finishing products. The focus of the meeting was set on the different ways and techniques of wood colour changing. Special attention was dedicated to the trendy grey and white-washed shades, which our teams have achieved successfully many times already.

The workshop was a good opportunity for both flooring professionals and enthusiasts. The know-how is very important for the success of a wood floor refinishing project. One of the things that were clarified was how the different timber types react to the finishing products.

The representatives from Blanchon displayed the working routine with 3 different products.Samples after the application of aquateinte stain

Blanchon Aquateinte:

This product is a two-component polyurethane water-based stain, available in white, black, pearl grey and soft grey tones. An interesting fact is that it can create white colour even on tannic woods, that usually tends to bleed through if it's used with the primer from the same range. The easy application makes it perfect for large-scale areas. Innovative technology allows it to be recoated directly with all water-based finishes.

Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent:

A product that enhances the natural look of the wood grain. When it’s applied with a rotary machine and a buffing pad, it soaks better into the timber. It goes along perfectly with hard wax-oils, but can also be coated with solvent-based finishes. The stronger ‘ageing effect’ is achieved when the grain of the wood is more prominent. Such finishes are a good option if you want vintage appearance for your floor. It’s not a surprise that this trend has also transferred in the flooring industry, with the increased popularity of the antique and vintage look.

Blanchon Hardwax Oil SD:

It is suitable for most of the different wood species. Like the other oils, it penetrates deep in the solid wood instead of creating a protective film on the top of it. This makes the appearance of the floor more natural. A single coat will be enough for durable and long-lasting results. Final hardness will be achieved in 8 to 10 days. Oiled floors can be maintained easily with Blanchon Natural Soap.

Before and after the application of stains and oils

As you probably know the colour matching is one of the most challenging tasks for every floor men. The difficulties come from the fact that every wood species has a specific tint which combined with the finishing product might result in a shade that’s not preferred by the client. To prevent such situations, we have to make sure that our guys are capable of performing such process precisely. A thing that’s usually part of our wood floor staining service is the application of the product on a freshly sanded area from the flooring of our clients. With this approach, our clients can see how exactly their flooring is going to look in the end.

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