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What to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Floor

What to consider when choosing a restaurant floorBeing a business owner you know the importance of paying attention to each and every detail. When everything is running smooth and you pay attention and take care of everything so each and every element of your business is flawless, this is when your business will resonate with clients and customers the most and the business will experience success and increase of sells. Being an owner of a restaurant means you have to pay attention and take care not just of the quality of food, creativity, having a distinctive style, great customer service, but also paying great attention to then the interior.

It is safe to say that the interior of a restaurant is as important as the food that is served there. Perhaps you have heard the popular saying that people are eating with their eyes too. Therefore, you want to create a cosy and wonderful interior that attracts clients and make them come back over and over again. One of the easier and most successful ways to achieve an atmosphere that appears to everyone and feels cosy, professional, elegant, luxurious, and homey all at the same time is by having a beautiful real wood floor installed in your precious restaurant. However, there is a big difference in choosing the right wooden floor for your home and the right wooden floor for your restaurant. Here are the main factors you want to consider in order to make sure you have done the best choice.

Functionality and Performance

Of course, the main factor you need to consider when choosing the right floor for the restaurant is the functionality the floor can offer and how good it is at withstanding the busy setting of commercial space. In fact, real wood flooring is usually the most common choice for a commercial setting because of its functionality and the comfort it ensures, its ability to withstand high traffic and wear and tear, its natural durability, long-lasting and hard-wearing power.

Restaurant flooring - functionality and performanceWhenever you are looking for the right wood flooring for your restaurant, you will probably find yourself choosing between commercial grade solid wood flooring and commercial grade engineered wood flooring. It is highly recommended to understand all the pros and cons of both types of commercial wood flooring so you can make the right choice for your very particular project.

Engineered wood is an innovative product with planks made out of layers of softwoods that are glued together crisscrossed and form the core of every floorboard. Each core is then finished with a thick top layer of hardwood, called lamella, that can be re-sanded and refinished a few times in the lifecycle of the floor. This specific structure of engineered wood flooring allows it to withstand the negative impact of moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations much better than a classic solid wood floor. Therefore, an engineered wood floor is the perfect choice for a restaurant, especially when it comes to the kitchen area of the restaurant where temperature fluctuations and splashes and spills can be an issue for solid wood floors.

However, commercial-grade solid wood flooring is also a great choice for a restaurant. Naturally durable and hard-wearing, when a lasting and highly protective finish is added to the mix, a solid wood floor can really withstand high traffic and wear and tear. These qualities make solid wood flooring a great choice for the dining area of the restaurant.

No matter if you are going to choose engineered wood or solid wood flooring for your restaurant, it is always very crucial to remember that the floor needs to be laminated which will provide it with extra durability and will guarantee the lasting protection of the floorboards. Lamination helps wooden floors in restaurants where high levels of commercial use is expected, to be stronger, more durable, and maintain their great condition and appearance for a long time.

Upkeep and Care

Restaurant flooring - upkeep and careWood flooring is a great choice whenever you are looking for a floor that can withstand great usage on an everyday basis. Even when the floor starts showing signs of wear and tear, one of the biggest advantages of real wood flooring is the fact it can be re-sanded and refinished so it can look like brand-new over and over again. Proper maintenance that includes sanding, refinishing and regular cleaning is not important only for keeping the floor look stunning for a long time.

Professional treatments such as refinishing help for getting rid of all the imperfections on the surface of the floor caused by everyday use and a number of other reasons and sometimes leading to more serious problems and repairs when left neglected. Thanks to removing all these smaller imperfections from the floor's surface, you can make sure the floor will last longer and will be stronger and more durable.

Design and Appearance

Wood floors are naturally so beautiful and they create an atmosphere of elegance, cosiness, luxury and professionalism whenever they are installed, which is a very important factor for the setting of a restaurant. No matter if it comes to a traditional, cutting edge modern interior or everything in between, real wood floors match the overall style of the space perfectly.

In addition, real wood floors are offered in a true abundance of different colours, textures, grains, and natural patterns every wooden floor can be additionally treated by the specialists so there is a beautiful and interesting transformation of its design, colour, texture and finish. When it comes to choosing the right design of a wooden floor for a restaurant, there are no particular rules and you want to follow your personal preferences and desires and choose a floor that perfectly suits the overall interior of the restaurant.

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