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Cheap Wooden Floor Can Cost You More Than Expected

Real wood floors can cost a lot. Wood floors can cost that much that they can’t cut it off with the tight budget you are working with. Well, maybe not, because wood floors come in different options, forms, and shapes these days. You can, of course, buy a very expensive wooden floor. You can also buy a cheaper one and the most affordable wood floor option is what many people are going for. In times when the home renovation and improvement project is knocking on the door, you have to make a quick decision, and your budget is limited, affordable wood flooring sounds like a good idea. However, soon or later you find out that cheap can cost expensive.

Nowadays, no matter if you look for a new wooden floor in physical stores and showrooms, or online, you are practically spoilt of choice, and the price ranges of wooden floors don’t make an exception with the great variety. It is a beneficial market situation, but also one that can overwhelm and confuse you. Reduced prices, affordable wooden floors, all these are available on the market nowadays. However, how could you be sure about the quality that comes with a reduced price? Bargains can cost a lot more in the long term. So let’s dig deeper into the topic and make sure you make the right decision at the end of the day.

Solid or Engineered Wood Flooring?

Solid or engineered wood flooring - how to choose?

When choosing to purchase a new wooden floor, there are many factors and aspects you have to take into account. Many decisions are awaiting you to make them, one of the most important out of them is to choose between solid wood and engineered wood flooring.

Of course, the dilemma between solid wood and engineered wood flooring is a matter of your personal preferences, but also a question of what is the best option for your home or the specific room, where you are planning the installation of the floor. Once you decide between solid wood and engineered wood flooring, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money. However, don’t get tempted by the bargain prices, your main priority is to get the best quality possible.

Reputable Supplier/Seller

Choosing the right and very reputable wood flooring supplier or seller is very important. Some of the things you want to consider when narrowing down your choice of options is making sure you are buying wood flooring sourced from sustainable and reputable sources, checking out the guarantees and warranties you are getting.

You want to make sure the supplier will help you with the right choice of an installation method and also can provide you with samples before you make a purchase. The reliable seller will also help you determine the right quantity you will need for the installation project. You can also ask the preferred supplier if they are happy if you contact some of their previous clients. In general, finding a reliable and reputable supplier is very important, if you don’t want to find yourself in a situation with wood flooring with poor quality and no warranty or guarantee provided.


No matter if expensive or affordable, wood flooring should always come with a warranty or a guarantee. If this is not the case, make sure to drive away from this showroom and look for the other options you have out there. A shortage of wood flooring suppliers is not an issue in the industry, for sure. A reliable and reputable wood flooring supplier will always provide you with a guarantee or warranty, which means that your wooden floor will last longer and look great. A guarantee will allow you to get a refund or a free repair/renovation if something happens with the wooden floor.

Request Samples

Samples can help you judge if the wood flooring you are about to purchase from a supplier is good quality or not. You do not need professional help to decide by the samples that a product is really poor in condition or not. Collect samples from various suppliers that fit your budget and then you will be able to decide what place provides products that will eventually last longer. Also, pay attention to aspects such as the quality of service and customer care suppliers are providing.

Special Offers

Special offers, deals, and bargains, all these can be very tempting, but in a long-term, these can turn into the most expensive choice. You don’t want to invest in a new wooden floor, even if initially affordable, only to be pressured to replace it several years later. Obviously, in this case, special offers are not the best and most cost-effective solution. Therefore, always approach special offers with a degree of doubt and pay attention to all details to make sure you are not making a wrong decision.

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