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Acacia Wood Flooring – Pros & Cons

Acacia wood flooring – your comprehensive guideYou want to get a new wooden floor for your home? However, you are tired of all the classic wood flooring styles and wood species you see around and everyone is already enjoying in their homes. You want to think outside the box and get a floor that is unique and beautiful. A wooden floor that cannot be spotted in every other house. Well, here is a great idea for you – why don’t you consider acacia wood flooring?

Acacia wood flooring is one of the not that popular wood flooring species out there, however, it definitely deserves a lot more attention and popularity. Acacia wood flooring may not enjoy the fame and attention a classic white oak wooden floor gets, for example, however, this does not make acacia wood flooring less unique and beautiful than it is. In fact, acacia wood flooring is simply stunning and the perfect antidote to all the trendy and popular wood flooring options you are tired of.

It is right up your alley if you are a fan of a unique yet pretty simple look that easily suits and complements a number of interior designs and styles. Unlike many other wood species, acacia wood flooring has a truly unique look that stands out and can turn every wooden floor into the statement piece and focal point of the room and even the entire home. So let’s find out a bit more about acacia wood flooring and why you need to consider it for your next home renovation project.

What Is Acacia Wood Flooring?

Acacia is a popular tree that can be found growing in many regions of Asia, Australia, Africa and even in Europe. Acacia wood flooring features wide grain patterns and unique knots that easily put it into the rustic grade category and make it a perfect flooring choice when you want to add a lot of character to the interior design of your home. Due to its high density, acacia wood is a great choice for flooring.

It is fire resistant and mould does not thrive of acacia, which means it is a highly versatile wooden material and you can easily have it installed anywhere in the house without worrying about potential issues. Thanks to its density, acacia wood flooring can withstand a number of culprits caused by common reasons that often damage wood flooring such as high traffic, water and moisture damage, humidity and temperature fluctuations, etc.

A Versatile Choice

Acacia wood flooring is available in many different options on the market and it is easy to find the right style for you if you are already a fan of the beauty of this wood species. Acacia wood flooring is available in a great variety of different plank widths, textures, and structures. First of all, when considering an acacia wood floor, consider whether you will enjoy it more in the style of solid wood or engineered wood flooring. Both flooring types are great and come with a bunch of benefits and advantages, however, each of them will be more suitable for different interiors under different circumstances and context.

Furthermore, you can experiment with different plank widths and textures, such as hand-scraped for example, so you are able to achieve an even more unique and creative wooden floor and add some character and edginess to your interior. With so many options available to you at your fingertips and the fact that acacia wood is already naturally beautiful and exciting, it is easy to see why you are interested in these flooring options.

Acacia Wood Flooring – Pros

Acacia wood flooring – prosThe biggest advantage acacia wood flooring offers is the variety of colours. This type of wood species is available in a great variety of wood staining opportunities, which means that even the pickiest client can easily find the exact match to the rest of their interior. This colour variation and the distinctive grading of acacia wood flooring also helps for camouflaging signs of wear and tear, which means your floor will look brand new for a long time.

The high density of this wood species make it highly impact resilient, which pretty much means that acacia wood flooring will serve you for many decades and provide you with amazing durability, long-lasting, and hard-wearing power. Make sure to follow a regular cleaning routine to protect your acacia wood floor from scratching, which will help you to enjoy the floor for many years without the need of re-sanding and refinishing. When compared to other exotic woods, acacia wood flooring comes very reasonably priced.

Acacia Wood Flooring  - Cons

Naturally, acacia wooden floorboards are shorter because they come from shorter shrub trees with an even mixture of heart and sapwood. Shorter floorboards can look amazing in the right context, however, installing them in larger and wider spaces is not necessarily the right place for them since shorter and smaller floorboards can make the space look cluttered or too formal.

In addition, if you are a fan of the cleaner and simple look, you may not enjoy acacia wood flooring as it comes with a very distinctive look and a natural pattern of knots and other details. Acacia wood flooring gives a more rustic feel to space and you may not enjoy it for your interior. Additionally, acacia wood flooring cannot look like a simple backdrop to a more eccentric and busy interior. In fact, acacia wood flooring will definitely be the focal point of the room and it will dictate the rest of the interior and design of the space.

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