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Floor Sanding Services in Kingston

Parquet Floor Restoration, Pine Floor Boards, Solid Wood, Engineered Wood Flooring

Looking for a Floor Sanding Company in Kingston?

Hire our professional team of experienced and knowledgeable wood floor sanding and repair specialists for your Kingston flooring project. Getting floorboards, parquet, hardwood or engineered wood flooring to their former glory is what we excel in. The perfection in results and the smile of our clients is our best reward.


Discover More Wood Flooring Services We Deliver in Kingston:

Floor renovation project in Kingston

  • Solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet floor sanding and refinishing.
  • Wood floor repairs, including spot refitting and floorboards replacing, water damage repairs, nailing and glueing down loose boards, and much more dedicated to the improvement of all types of real wood floors.
  • Gap filling and improving the insulation of the floor.
  • Wood floor staining along with a very impressive range of wood floor dyes and stains we supply and additional samples we provide to help you make the best decision.
  • Soundproofing of wood floors.
  • Supply and installation of reclaimed pine wood floorboards, reclaimed parquet flooring blocks, and original reclaimed wood flooring.
  • Supply of all grades of solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet flooring.
  • Supply and installation of flooring accessories.
  • Get an EXTRA 10% discount on our clean & polish service for all floors previously fitted or restored by FlooringFirst! Services.

When working with us, you will get more than your usual wood flooring service. We strive to achieve the best results possible because we have a real passion for real wood flooring. We have a tailored approach to each floor and recommend only the necessary services.

Dust-free floor sanding and restoration services in Kingston

We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality and high standard wood floor sanding, repair, restoration, and maintenance services. As a company with years of experience in the field and a rich portfolio of thousands of successful projects, we are glad to be able to work with clients throughout Kingston. We believe everyone will appreciate and enjoy the minimal disruption, highly efficient wood floor services we deliver and you will be impressed by the results achieved.

No matter if it comes to a commercial or domestic wood floor project, we have the best set of skills to take proper care of all types of real wood floors. It is our mission to restore the original beauty, durability, and lasting power of your favourite solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet floor and minimise the potential risks of it getting damaged over time.

What to Expect from Our Wood Floor Sanding in Kingston?

When hiring our wood floor sanding team for your Kingston project, you can expect professionalism and a really high standard of work. It is our goal to not only provide all clients with the right approach to their flooring and ensure the best results possible but also guarantee minimal disruption and no stress and mess with every service.

A wood floor sanding service delivered by us starts with a free inspection of the floor and a free quotation. This is our way to make sure you are getting only the necessary services for improving your floor and you are not over-paying for something you really don’t need. Additionally, our wood flooring specialists will be glad to further provide you with advice and tips on better wood floor maintenance and the best products you can use for looking after your flooring.

Hiring our experienced and dedicated wood floor sanding team in Kingston means you will experience the best quality of service along with attention to detail and honest communication. Additionally, our customer service team strives to be as helpful as possible, available seven days a week and gladly responding to all your questions and concerns in order to always find the best solution. All wood floor services provided by the company are covered by a Floor Service Guarantee and comprehensive Public and Treatment Risk Insurance.

Take advantage of our floor repair services in Kingston

Floor refinishing project in Kingston

There are a lot of things that can happen to a real wood floor that can result in minor damage or major imperfection. So whenever you feel like your wooden floor is too damaged and it deserves a second chance, our floor repair team in Kingston is here for you to take care of your favourite flooring and breathe new life.

Our floor repair team is trained in all time-proven and advanced methods and techniques for taking care of hardwood, engineered wood floors and parquetry. Thanks to our experience and the knowledge we have gained throughout the years, we can always find and pick the right solution and approach each damage and imperfection the right way so we can ensure the best results.

Our floor repair team in Kingston will skillfully restore and renovate every wooden floor. We take care of a wide range of wood floor damages and issues including scratches, dents, gaps, marks, stains, loose, damaged or broken floorboards, unfixed nails and screws, cupping and ballooning of the floorboards and other issues that are results of the contraction and expansion of the floorboards due to increased moisture and humidity indoor levels. We also take care of the subfloor, making sure the floor installed on top of it will last forever, look perfect, and be in perfect condition.

With a comprehensive portfolio of hundreds of successful projects, our floor repair company is your best choice in Kingston. We don't just provide you with a professional service and make sure we are achieving the best results possible for you. We also guarantee a high level of customer care, professionalism, attention to details, dedication, commitment to success.

We believe that every floor repair project in Kingston is specific and requires a tailored approach. We will inspect the condition of your floor for free in order to make sure that only the most necessary steps are taken for completely restoring your favourite wooden floor back to its initial beauty, glory, and perfect condition.

Choose our parquet restoration services in Kingston

Parquet restoration project in Kingston

Parquet restoration is considered one of the most challenging services offered by a professional wood floor renovation and sanding company. It is because of the specifics of the parquet patterns that cannot be sanded straightforward, otherwise, the sanding machine will work against the grain of the wooden floorboards and this can damage wood permanently.

Therefore, parquet floor restoration requires a lot of attention to detail, knowledge and experience. Our parquet restoration team in Kingston works with a wide range of modern and advanced equipment and machinery in order to take care of all details and ensure the floor is perfectly sanded without missing a single spot or corner. Once the surface of the parquet pattern is absolutely smooth and there are no imperfections left, our parquet restoration team will use high-quality finishing and maintenance products to make sure all perfect results achieved will last for a very long time.

By choosing to work with us you are getting not simply a high-quality parquet restoration service. You are getting the comfort of a professional service that causes minimal disruption, minimises the mess and stress for you, and ensures the best results and all that at a reasonable price.

Our parquet restoration services in Kingston are covered with years of experience, craftsmanship, commitment to success, expertise and knowledge. The services we offer are suitable for both domestic and commercial floors and projects. We tailor every service to the specific requirements of the project and our clients. For both domestic and commercial parquet restoration services we are flexible, working also outside business hours and during the weekends.

Finishes available with our floor restoration services in Kingston

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the premium finishes we utilise to bring out the natural beauty of your wood floors. Whether it's a comprehensive floor restoration project or a simple refinishing job in Kingston, we have the expertise and the right products to ensure stunning results.

Our selection of finishes includes the renowned "Bona Mega" lacquer, a quick-drying, water-based option that's perfect for both domestic and light commercial use. Available in a variety of finishes, including extra-matt, matt, satin, or gloss, it caters to various preferences and styles. For areas with heavy foot traffic, we rely on the durable "Bona Traffic HD" lacquer, providing extra protection and is available with an anti-slip option for safety in commercial settings.

In addition to the Bona range, we also offer products from Junckers, such as the "MT500 Floor Lacquer" and "HT700 Floor Lacquer" known for their quick-drying properties and extra durable finishes, making them ideal for commercial-grade applications. Our selection of primers, including "Bona Classic Primer" and "Bona Amber Primer" are designed to enhance the natural characteristics of the wood while ensuring durability and fast drying times.

To achieve optimal results, we utilise primers like "Junckers SB Primer" and "Junckers WB Primer" which not only enhance adhesion but also elevate the appearance of light-coloured wood floors, ensuring a flawless finish. For exceptional durability and wear resistance, our range includes the "Loba WS Fusion 2K Lacquer" a two-component, waterborne finish suitable for various flooring types, providing lasting protection and beauty.

Rely on us for reliable wood floor sanding in Kingston — call 020 88309782 to get more details or arrange an initial consultation with our skilled team.

What Our Clients from Kingston Say About Us

“I was very impressed with your service; the inspection for the quote, speed of start date after acceptance of the quote, knowledge and hard work of the staff undertaking the work and the high quality of their work. My floors look like new!  ”
Mrs G. Eyers, from Kingston Upon Thames, KT2
“ Guys on the job worked quickly with little mess. Thank you. ”
Mr. G. Buchanan, from Kingston Upon Thames, KT1
“ Very satisfied with the work carried out. The floor looks really good. Workmen were friendly+professional. ”
Mrs. J. Hart, from Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1AZ
“ The floor fitter has provided an excellent service. ”
Mr. H. Ibrahimov, from Kingston, KT2 6QS
“ The installer is a very professional person. I am very happy with him and the standard of his work. ”
Mr. F. Farr, from Kingston upon Thames, KT1 7HF
“Great work. Our floors look amazing. Paulo offered excellent service and was always very friendly.”
Mrs. S. Mayrhofer, from Kingston upon Thames, KT1 3AQ

Floor Care Tips and Advice:

Find Our More on Sanding in Kingston

Local Project: Oak Parquet Blocks - Sanding, Staining and Sealing in Kingston

The parquet flooring is one of the traditional options for wooden floors, they are cut in small blocks which allows them to be fitted in unique patterns. In this case, our task was to sand, fill the gaps, stain and refinish about 50 sqm of oak parquet flooring. Our guys have vast experience in working with old parquet floors, which helps them to choose the perfect treatment in every situation. The overall condition of the floor was not bad, mostly surface imperfections. There was a small area with badly damaged blocks that we needed to replace, with other mature blocks. When replacing some of the planks it’s important to choose the same wood specie and if it’s possible to be aged, so there won’t be a dramatic difference in the colour. The wooden floors are natural products, so with the time, their colour is changing due to processes happening in the timber. If someone inexperienced neglect this fact, matching the colour of the existing sanded floor and the new planks will be almost impossible.

Oak parquet blocks - sanding, staining and sealing in Kingston 1
Oak parquet blocks - sanding, staining and sealing in Kingston

So as usual after our team replaced the damaged planks, they continued with stripping off the old finish which happened in 3 rows with the different sandpaper grits. After the top layer of the wood was levelled and smoothened, our team mix a resin filler with the sawdust remains to fill the gaps. Our clients wanted to change a bit more the appearance of their flooring, which is why they also choose a stain in darker tones.

The last step is really important for every renovation project - the finishing. For these parquet blocks sealing we recommended to our clients the water-based 'Junckers HP Commercial' lacquer. This product is extremely durable and with low VOC contain. The job was completed for 3 days.

Oak parquet blocks - sanding, staining and sealing in Kingston 2
Oak parquet blocks - sanding, staining and sealing in Kingston 3

Local Project: Floorboards Sanding And Staining in Medium Oak in Kingston

This time we had to restore not a huge area – only one room, but the overall condition of the floorboards was bad. Except the finish imperfections, there were some of the planks that needed to be replaced. Usually, this is a complicated process, because our team had to find the closest match to the existing flooring, otherwise, there could be significant colour difference. Before we start the work with the boards, the fitters had to lift and dispose of about 19 sqm of carpet flooring, carpet grippers and damaged underlay. Once it was done, and the area was wiped from dust and dirt, our team could start with the repairs.

Medium oak floorboards sanding and staining in Kingston 1
Medium oak floorboards sanding and staining in Kingston

The next step was the most vital process for every wooden floor – the sanding. After 3 rounds with the Bona belt sander, there were no traces of all the dents and scratches. The next step was to apply samples from different stains on the sanded surface. The owners decided to go for the warm medium oak shade. There was another thing our team had to take care of – the gaps. This is one of the common problems for the old floorboards constructions. Usually, for gaps that are not so wide, we mix sawdust remains with a resin filler. When this task was completed, the floor was insulated good, so our fitters polished it with finer sandpaper grit and rotary machine.

After the sanding process, the wood pores are open, and they soak better the products applied. The last thing our team had to do was to stain and varnish the floor. The sealant is important in every floor restoration project because it determines the appearance and the durability of the renovated flooring. Here, our clients decided to choose a lacquer in commercial-grade for higher protection. The product our team applied 4 coats from was ‘Junckers HP Commercial’, which is water-based and with low VOC. The job was completed for one day.

Medium oak floorboards sanding and staining in Kingston 2
Medium oak floorboards sanding and staining in Kingston 3

Local Project: Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing in Kingston

Our job in this house was something, our sanders are familiar with – an old wooden floor that was in urgent need of thorough restoration. What we’ve done:

  • Sanding the old surface
  • Filling the gaps
  • Buffing with finer grit
  • Staining (this included samples on the sanded surface for client approval before application)
  • Sealing with a hardwearing finish
  • Additional fireplace heart removal and extend of the existing flooring.
Wood floor sanding & refinishing in Kingston 1
Wood floor sanding & refinishing in Kingston

The job started with stripping off the old and damaged surface. This process was done without any unexpected complications. Then we had to fix the huge gaps between the boards. Usually, we deal with them by using mix from sawdust and resin filler but this method is working only for gaps up to 4 mm.  In this case, we had to supply wood strips cut from seasoned pine so they can match the colour of the sanded wood. Similar mature pine floorboards were also used to extend the existing flooring after the fireplace heart was removed.

For the buffing process, our fitters used orbital sander from Bona, which smoothened the surface and prepared it for the finishing. The stain our clients wanted to be in medium shades. For the last step of the process, they decided to trust our knowledge and experience by choosing ‘Osmo Polyx Hardwax-Oil’, which we applied in 2 coats. Our hardworking team did this job only for a day. The skills, efficiency and the attitude displayed by them, made the family leave very positive feedback.

Wood floor sanding & refinishing in Kingston 3
Wood floor sanding & refinishing in Kingston 2

Local Project: Restoration Of Mahogany Fingers Flooring in Kingston

This is a story of an old mahogany fingers flooring, which needed a thorough renovation process in order to shine again. What we had here were tons of scratches, stains and huge areas of badly damaged finish. Luckily for our team, the subfloor was in good condition, so there were no major repairs that needed to be done.

The first thing we had to do was to remove the top layer of the old finish. This happened with the help of our Bona Belt Sander. When the flooring has some specific pattern like in this case, there are specific requirements for the sanding process - so it must be done with great attention to the details. There were also minor gaps between some of the blocks, so our team had to deal with them too.

Restoration of mahogany fingers flooring in Kingston 1
Restoration of mahogany fingers flooring in Kingston

After the wood was buffed till achieving a smooth surface, our team proceeded with the last step – the varnishing. The choice of our clients for finishing product was ‘Junckers HP Commercial’ which is an extremely durable lacquer. This is a sealant from top quality, hardwearing and containing low VOC. As you probably have already noticed the sheen of the finish is satin. The time it took to complete the job was a single day.

Restoration of mahogany fingers flooring in Kingston 4
Restoration of mahogany fingers flooring in Kingston 5
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