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Floor Sanding Services in Enfield

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Looking for a Floor Sanding Company in Enfield?

As a leading flooring company in London, we bring the finest floor finishing service to Enfield. Whether it's your home or your place of work, you can rest assured that your wooden floors are looked after by experienced and insurance bonded flooring service, with a portfolio of 1000s satisfied clients. Getting floorboards, parquet, hardwood or engineered wood flooring to their former glory is what we excel in. The perfection in results and the smile of our clients is our best reward.


Our range of floor sanding and restoration services in Enfield

  • Floorboards, hardwood and parquet floor sanding and sealing
  • Floor repairs - partial refitting and local replacement of floorboards, parquet, engineered and hardwood flooring; repairs of water damaged floors, including parquet, hardwood or engineered floors.
  • Gap filling and minor touch-ups
  • Floor staining - we offer a wide range of wood dyes and can provide a number of samples before to proceeding with refinishing your floors, including whitewashed and grey finishes.
  • Soundproofing floorboards and decreasing drafts in floors
  • Supply and install seasoned/reclaimed original pine floorboards, hardwood and reclaimed parquet flooring to recover damage to existing floors.
  • We supply prime and rustic parquet flooring, solid and engineered floors
  • We install new and replace skirting boards, beading and mouldings
  • Get an EXTRA 10% discount on our clean & polish service for all floors previously fitted or restored by FlooringFirst! Services.

Wooden floors can make a huge difference in the environment of your home, and they can be an essential element in your businesses image. Getting in touch with FlooringFirst! in Enfield is easy to do.

When you hire a flooring expert, you would probably like as well to receive more than just good looking smoothly finished wooden floors. You would also like a prompt, reliable service from someone who cares about your satisfaction. With us, that's precisely what you'll get.

Floor renovation project in Enfield

Dust-free floor sanding and restoration services in Enfield

Our wood floor sanding services in Enfield are not just designed to take care of and restore your aged and distressed real wood flooring. The services we deliver to each client are tailored to the individual requirements and specifics of the project. We take care of every stage of the service, ensuring the process is running smoothly and with no obstacles. In case there are some unexpected situations and requirements along the way, we always make sure to discuss our plans with the owner first and then we can continue.

We always make sure to do only the necessary steps. What we are striving for is ensuring we can achieve perfect results. Every wooden floor has the chance to live a new life, even the most damaged and old ones. Therefore, thanks to the professionalism of our wood floor sanding team in Enfield, we invest our dedication, experience, knowledge, and commitment to success in order to provide customers with stunning outcomes that last for decades.

Every type of real wood flooring requires a specific wood floor sanding approach and we are masters of all of them, knowing how to handle every wooden floor with care and attention. We work with cutting-edge modern equipment and technology in order to not simply make sure we are delivering the best results but also minimise the disruption to your household or commercial space as much as possible. Next, we always make sure to use premium-quality wood floor sealing and maintenance products supplied by world-renowned and leading manufacturers. By this, we are able to ensure the results we achieve last for decades.

What's Included in Our Floor Sanding in Enfield?

Our wood floor sanding services in Enfield come with obligation free site visit and quotation as well as expert advice on floor sealing products and maintenance. When you choose FlooringFirst! in Enfield, you are getting a service with an eye on detail, and a Customer Service team, striving to achieve excellent care, available 7 days a week. All our services are covered by our Floor Service Guarantee and comprehensive Public & Treatment Risk Insurance.

Hiring our wood floor sanding company means you are able to enjoy mess- and stress-free process of restoring your favourite wooden flooring. Every wood floor sanding project starts with a free inspection of the condition of the floor. Once our team accesses the floor’s condition in depth and knows what is needed to achieve the best results, they can continue working.

Choose our parquet restoration services in Enfield

Parquet restoration project in EnfieldParquet restoration is considered one of the most challenging services offered by a professional wood floor renovation and sanding company. It is because of the specifics of the parquet patterns that cannot be sanded straightforward, otherwise, the sanding machine will work against the grain of the wooden floorboards and this can damage wood permanently.

Therefore, parquet floor restoration requires a lot of attention to detail, knowledge and experience. Our parquet restoration team in Enfield works with a wide range of modern and advanced equipment and machinery in order to take care of all details and ensure the floor is perfectly sanded without missing a single spot or corner. Once the surface of the parquet pattern is absolutely smooth and there are no imperfections left, our parquet restoration team will use high-quality finishing and maintenance products to make sure all perfect results achieved will last for a very long time.

By choosing to work with us you are getting not simply a high-quality parquet restoration service. You are getting the comfort of a professional service that causes minimal disruption, minimises the mess and stress for you, and ensures the best results and all that at a reasonable price.

Our parquet restoration services in Enfield are covered with years of experience, craftsmanship, commitment to success, expertise and knowledge. The services we offer are suitable for both domestic and commercial floors and projects. We tailor every service to the specific requirements of the project and our clients. For both domestic and commercial parquet restoration services, we are flexible, working also outside business hours and during the weekends.

Take advantage of our floor repair services in Enfield

There are a lot of things that can happen to a real wood floor that can result in minor damage or major imperfection. So whenever you feel like your wooden floor is too damaged and it deserves a second chance, our floor repair team in Enfield is here for you to take care of your favourite flooring and breathe new life.

Our floor repair team is trained in all time-proven and advanced methods and techniques for taking care of hardwood, engineered wood floors and parquetry. Thanks to our experience and the knowledge we have gained throughout the years, we can always find and pick the right solution and approach each damage and imperfection the right way so we can ensure the best results.

Our floor repair team in Enfield will skillfully restore and renovate every wooden floor. We take care of a wide range of wood floor damages and issues including scratches, dents, gaps, marks, stains, loose, damaged or broken floorboards, unfixed nails and screws, cupping and ballooning of the floorboards and other issues that are results of the contraction and expansion of the floorboards due to increased moisture and humidity indoor levels. We also take care of the subfloor, making sure the floor installed on top of it will last forever, look perfect, and be in perfect condition.

With a comprehensive portfolio of hundreds of successful projects, our floor repair company is your best choice in Enfield. We don't just provide you with a professional service and make sure we are achieving the best results possible for you. We also guarantee a high level of customer care, professionalism, attention to detail, dedication, and commitment to success.

Floor refinishing project in Enfield

Finishes available with our floor restoration services in Enfield

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the premium finishes we utilise to bring out the natural beauty of your wood floors. Whether it's a comprehensive floor restoration project or a simple refinishing job in Enfield, we have the expertise and the right products to ensure stunning results.

Our selection of finishes includes the renowned "Bona Mega" lacquer, a quick-drying, water-based option that's perfect for both domestic and light commercial use. Available in a variety of finishes, including extra-matt, matt, satin, or gloss, it caters to various preferences and styles. For areas with heavy foot traffic, we rely on the durable "Bona Traffic HD" lacquer, providing extra protection and is available with an anti-slip option for safety in commercial settings.

In addition to the Bona range, we also offer products from Junckers, such as the "MT500 Floor Lacquer" and "HT700 Floor Lacquer" known for their quick-drying properties and extra durable finishes, making them ideal for commercial-grade applications. Our selection of primers, including "Bona Classic Primer" and "Bona Amber Primer" are designed to enhance the natural characteristics of the wood while ensuring durability and fast drying times.

To achieve optimal results, we utilise primers like "Junckers SB Primer" and "Junckers WB Primer" which not only enhance adhesion but also elevate the appearance of light-coloured wood floors, ensuring a flawless finish. For exceptional durability and wear resistance, our range includes the "Loba WS Fusion 2K Lacquer" a two-component, waterborne finish suitable for various flooring types, providing lasting protection and beauty.

Our superior floor sanding services in Enfield epitomise exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring a breathtaking and long-lasting transformation for your home or business. Connect with us at 020 88309782 to schedule your floor sanding.

Engineered wood floor restoration

Oak parquet flooring sanding and sealing

Engineered wood flooring reoiling

Basket weave parquet flooring restoration

Hardwood floor sanding and sealing

Oak parquet flooring sanding and sealing

Floorboards restoration and gap filling

Pine floorboards sanding and sealing

Pine floorboards sanding and staining

Rockwool insulation installation


What Our Clients from Enfield Say About Us

“Very happy. Friendly, professional and helpful staff. Floor looks lovely.”
Mr. J. O'Leary, from Enfield, N21
“Work completed to satisfaction. Thank you. Very professional.”
Mrs. C. Liversidge, from Enfield, EN2
“Nice job. I'll use them again.”
Mr. V. Cirillo, from Enfield, N21
“I am very pleased with the service and the product.”
Dr. Dundas, from Enfield, EN2
“I am happy with the work that has been completed. It was completed on time and the men were professional and firendly.”
Ms. C. Liversidge, from Enfield, EN2
“Very professional and looks great. Alex& Dimitri did a good job, very pleased.”
Mrs Sibel Rodgers, from Enfield, EN1 3HR
“Very happy. Good team of men.”
Mr. K. Moore, from Enfield, N13 6BY

Floor Care Tips and Advice:

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Local Project: Distressed Pine Floorboards Sanding And Refinishing Project in Enfield

Our team was invited to sand, buff, varnish and fill the gaps in an area of approximately 32 sqm covered in pine floorboards. The overall condition of the boards was really poor, they were worn and distressed. Fortunately, other than that the surface seemed to be in good condition without traces of moisture or water damage. 

This is how the floor looked before we began working on it:

Distressed pine floorboards sanding and refinishing project in Enfield 1
Distressed pine floorboards sanding and refinishing project in Enfield

Since the floor was only worn, we followed the standard procedure by sanding its surface and stripping what was left of the old coating. Once uncovered, the wood below was carefully buffed and prepared for the application of a new finish. Our company usually uses Junckers HP Commercial because this product provides a fine balance between looks, price and protection. We applied four instead of three coats of finish for extra durability and resilience while also supplying and replacing around 9 meters of pine floor boards. We needed only 2-3 days to finish all of this.

How did it go?

It was a fairly straightforward task. We managed to provide a good match for the boards and there was no visible distinction between old and new. After our intervention, the floor lost its distressed look and managed to get back its shiny, attractive appearance. In the end, we left one well-protected floor and one more happy customer.

This is how the floor looked after we finished.

Distressed pine floorboards sanding and refinishing project in Enfield 3
Distressed pine floorboards sanding and refinishing project in Enfield 2

Local Project: Sports Lines Marking After Sanding in Enfield

The commercial floors require special attention, experience and skills. This study case is a recent project we have worked on. The job included a renovation of the hardwood flooring and re-painting the sport marks in the gym of St Ignatius’ College.

The area was multifunctional so it included fields for playing basketball, volleyball, and badminton. We used distinct colours for every court as you can see from the images: red for basketball, green for volleyball and white for the badminton court. Our job was made easier because we could use the old and faded marks as guidance.

Sports lines marking after sanding in Enfield
Sports lines marking after sanding in Enfield 1
Sports lines marking after sanding in Enfield 2

After a thorough inspection of the area, we made sure that there are only issues with the surface, so there was no need for any major repairs. The good thing about the surface imperfections is that they can be fixed easily with the traditional method of floor sanding. After a few rows with different sandpaper grits, the top layer of the flooring was smooth and levelled.

The interesting part of such projects is the finish. The sealant has to be extremely durable because such areas suffer from high foot traffic every day. Thankfully the big manufacturers like Bona and Junckers, have developed products specialised for sports. For this gym, our team used 'Junckers HP Sports'. For the coloured lines, we also have used specially designed paint from Junckers, which was applied after the second coat of lacquer and sealed with one final coat. It took 5 days for our team to finish the job.

Sports lines marking after sanding in Enfield 4
Sports lines marking after sanding in Enfield 5
Sports lines marking after sanding in Enfield 3

Local Project: Floor Sanding, Buffing & Reoiling in Enfield

Some wood floor projects are not that challenging than others, however, the end results are still very impressive despite the fact that major issues and imperfections are not notable at first. Although some wood floors do not look too aged and distressed at first sight, this does not mean they don’t need attention and care and this project we have recently undertook is the perfect example to that statement. After the initial inspection of the condition of the real wood floor, our experienced and knowledgeable professionals concluded that the appearance and condition of the floorboards can easily be improved with the help of a bit of thorough sanding and some additional re-oiling and buffing for a renovated and rejuvenated look.
Floor sanding, buffing & reoiling in Enfield 1
Floor sanding, buffing & reoiling in Enfield 2
Floor sanding, buffing & reoiling in Enfield
As you can judge by the pictures below, the final outcome we’ve managed to achieve really makes a major and impressive difference. After an in-depth and thorough sanding, the floorboards now look like brand new, all minor imperfections such as scratches and dirt buildups are totally removed, the beauty of the natural colour of the wood is enhanced, the prettiness of the texture is boosted. Sanding removed the top layer of old finish along with imperfections and issues on the surface, creating a smooth and uniform surface.
Next, we continued with treating the floor’s surface with a high-quality wood floor oil-based finish. Oil-based finishes are highly recommended for achieving a very natural look of the floor while ensuring good and lasting protection. Buffing is an important aspect of the re-oiling process since it ensures the even application and spreading of the finish. So now this beautiful real wood floor in Enfield and its owners can enjoy an unbeatable beauty and comfort for many decades.
Floor sanding, buffing & reoiling in Enfield 7
Floor sanding, buffing & reoiling in Enfield 8
Floor sanding, buffing & reoiling in Enfield 9
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