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I noticed that you quoted for using a varnish, instead of Oil and Wax. Is there a reason why varnish is preferable to say an Osmo Hardwax-Oil finish?

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We had engineered floors finished in white oil laid about a year ago. In some areas, the whiteness has gone and the floors do not look as they were original. We understood that the oil is not the best finish for the desired by us finish and it wears off in a relatively short time.

We would like to refinish the floors in whitewash effect, however, this time sealed with lacquer.

Is this possible?

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I have a laminated wood floor, actually, it's composite wood with a thin top layer of real wood. This floor is in poor condition and would need a buff/polish and also a layer of varnish to improve it. It cannot be sanded down because the top layer would disappear so it would be a problem. I'd like to make sure the top layer of real wood stays. It is light coloured but considering a darker wood stain/varnish. There are many dents, scuff marks and scratches and while I do not expect the results to be perfect, I was hoping for a temporary solution to improve the floors for a couple of years until I can afford to change them.

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Recently had floor sanded and finished with soft sheen (Bona). Small blisters have appeared in one area. I think this may be due to a treatment I put on the cat who then shook the substance over the floor. We applied a small amount to the floor and it caused the varnish to bubble) Should the finish be able to withstand this? and how can I repair it myself?

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Recently come across parquet flooring in our hallway. Have already sanded the floor and it's ready for sealing and/or varnishing. I would like to get advice on how best to proceed. The hallway is subject to heavy use, dogs and kids, so I want to make it as hard wearing as possible. I'm not sure what is best/next step having just finished sanding the floor. I don't want to darken the colour of the floor at all so a clear sealant/varnish is essential.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi. We have a 3-strip oak engineered floor (15 mm with 4 mm top layer).  We chose a lacquered finish, but now we have kids, want to get a dog and I believe oil might be a better finish. Is it possible to sand it down and change it to oil? Thanks.

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