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Sanding 3-Strip Engineered Wood Flooring

Hi. We have a 3-strip oak engineered floor (15 mm with 4 mm top layer).  We chose a lacquered finish, but now we have kids, want to get a dog and I believe oil might be a better finish. Is it possible to sand it down and change it to oil? Thanks.

Hi there,

It is possible to change the finish of a 15 mm engineered flooring - wood floor sanding to remove existing finish is required and a new finish is applied. If the product you have is 3-strip, I would believe this product has 3 mm top layer 'though, which does not change the situation, but such products can take restoration only once.

In your question about the finish...  Oil-based products may be easier to maintain - in case of a scratch or wearing you can rub some oil with a cotton cloth on the floor and it will blend the damage.

Oils & Hardwax-oil are not hard-wearing sealants though. A better, requiring less maintenance finish is the varnish.

In short, best advise for the durability of the finish is:

  1. Good hard-wearing product, such as "Bona Mega" or "Junckers Strong" or their 2-part, commercial-grade alternatives "Junckers HP Commercial" or "Bona Traffic HD". These in combination with Matt or UltraMatt sheens will give you good protection and make any future scuffs and scratches are less visible.
  2. "Bona Naturale" - combines best of all finishes, highest durability, can be repaired (like oil), natural matt sheen. The downside is cost - double the cost of some other finishes.

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