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Blisters and Bubbles on Recently Finished and Sanded Floors

Recently had floor sanded and finished with soft sheen (Bona). Small blisters have appeared in one area. I think this may be due to a treatment I put on the cat who then shook the substance over the floor. We applied a small amount to the floor and it caused the varnish to bubble) Should the finish be able to withstand this? and how can I repair it myself?

Hi Jo,

From what you wrote I understand you have recoated part or all of your floors?

Have you only treated part of the floors, or you have coated the entire area? Blisters may usually appear when:

  • The coating is done directly onto old finish without good clean of the surface and without using Bona Crosslinker - when recoating wooden floors at least buffing with a light screen is recommended prior to application
  • Previous coats and new coats are not compatible - Bona is a waterbased product - was the previous finish waterbased or a compatible one?

This is basically a coat, which has a poor bond with the finish below. Unfortunately, I cannot think of an easy way of rectifying this without proper floor sanding and refinishing.

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