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How To Prepare Your Home for Sanding Service

Home preparation for floor sanding

There are a few things to bear in mind when preparing for wood floor restoration, which you might want to sort out just before it's time for the work to begin.

Clearing The Areas of Furniture

Gap filling with saw dust and resin

All areas that will be sanded should be clear of furniture and anything that may easily collect dust, e.g. books, curtains etc. If you have items like sofas and beds that can only be carried out through the room windows, please let us know and allow for extra time to get them out and then into the room.

Please note, we use advanced, dust-free sanding equipment only. However, please bear in mind that uncollectible dust particles are the case at certain stages of the job, so we need floors to be free from home furniture and accessories. Of course, we know this is not always possible, so we will provide dust sheets to seal and protect any furniture and upholstery. Finally, we will help you with moving furniture out and then back onto the premises.

The Wood Floor Gap Filling

Gap filling improves heat insulation, so we always advise customers to have that done if necessary. It means you will get a better-looking floor and save on heating bills. Cold air circulating under the planks is a problem that needs to be addressed in the case of ground floor rooms, so it's advisable that gaps should be filled in kitchens and bathrooms which typically reside on lower house storeys. This will also help prevent severe damage due to water seeping through the boards. 

At FlooringFirst!, we have adopted different methods to deal with gaps. In case of smaller cracks with a size of up to 4-6mm, we would use a resin-based mixture of sawdust that came off during the floorboards sanding and specially formulated wood filler. Larger gaps require that wood splinters or MDF be used, so we will provide you with in-depth information on what needs doing and how we are planning to address all relevant issues. 

Ultimately, we aim to achieve a perfectly flat, smooth surface. Aside from being aesthetically unappealing, the surface finishes on jutting spots and floor humps wears off much quicker, holds dirt and is more difficult to clean.

The sanding equipment can't capture the dust entirely

Dust & Noise

Wood floor sanding can be noisy. It is always a good idea to give your neighbours an early warning to avoid unnecessary complications. Our workmen do not usually work after hours, especially in residential areas, unless we have been duly authorised and we are sure we will not disturb the neighbourhood.

Cutting edge sanding machines are virtually dust-free. Still, there is an extensive amount of dust at certain stages of our work that is impossible to be captured entirely.


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