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Brighten Up Your Home With Floor Sanding

Brighten Up Your Home With Floor Sanding

Home improvement is undisputedly amongst the better investments, as the final results are paying off and can bring you joy, cosiness, and overall happiness. One of the most popular home improvement services is wood floor sanding and many people love and enjoy it. This is mainly because it holds the power to magically transform and change every worn, old, and tired wooden floor into one that looks like it has been just installed. And today we are going to delve into the depths of floor sanding - what it means, how it works, what you can expect from the floor refinishing service, why to consider it, and, overall, how a wood floor sanding service can transform your entire home!

Wood floor sanding – what, when, why?

First of all, it is completely understandable why you would love your wooden floor so much. Wooden floors are naturally very durable and long-lasting and they become even more hard-wearing when coupled with the power of a good finish. Wooden floors are also naturally hygienic - they do not attract a lot of dust and allergens compared to the other flooring options and are very easy to maintain in pristine condition, without the time-consuming and complex cleaning routines other flooring alternatives require. Finally, wooden floors are very, very beautiful, and they possess a natural elegance and beauty. No matter what type of wood flooring you choose, regardless of its colour, texture, and wood species, it will always look amazing and will suit almost every styling path you decide to choose for your home.

However, no matter how amazing wooden floors are, they are known for experiencing wear and tear at some point. There are many reasons why wooden floors get worn out, the more obvious of them being everyday use, high traffic, and heavy footfall. Adding to the fact that wood is also prone to water, humidity, and excessive sun exposure damage, your main responsibility of being an owner of one is ensuring its proper maintenance and care. While a proper and regular cleaning routine is just barely enough, sanding is the best solution to a great number of wood imperfections and issues.

Wood floor sanding and refinishing is the process of improvement of wooden floors – both visual, as well as overall. The process consists of removing the old, worn and damaged finish from the top of the wooden floor. This is achieved with the assistance of advanced and powerful sanding equipment that strips off a thin layer of the floor’s surface. When in need of more serious floor restoration, the sanding machines could also strip off a very thin layer of the bare wood.

This is a rare case, as some floors are more distressed than others and imperfections such as scratches, dents, stains, etc. have penetrated through the protective finish and affected the bare wood. There is nothing to be concerned about, however, because solid wood and engineered wood floors are thick enough to go through a few sanding services without thinning out too much. The floor sanding and refinishing service is important, because by getting rid of the old finish and recoating it with a few fresh coats, you provide your wooden floor with a lot of protection that can help it survive up to a century and still look and feels amazing.

How wood floor sanding brightens up your floor and your home

There is no doubt that wood floor sanding is very beneficial for the overall condition of wooden floors. By removing the minor imperfections and issues while they are still recent, the floorboards sanding treatment prevents them from growing bigger and, avoiding a lot of serious problems. After all, serious and major floor repairs will certainly require a lot of time and energy to fix, and they might often end up being pretty costly.

However, one of the benefits of floor sanding and refinishing that happens to impress people the most is how the result looks. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how the dull, stained, distressed, and aged-looking wooden floorboards can pose as brand new just by being sanded. Wooden floors will end up becoming a focal point and statement piece of every room, even the entire house, especially when they shine like brand new. Then your entire house will be looking better, more glamorous and beautiful. You don’t believe us? Then try it for yourself and we are sure that you will be fascinated!

To add even more glam and style to your floor and the entire appearance of your home, we recommend you taking your time to choose the right finish that will not only fit perfectly your lifestyle, but will also meet your aesthetic requirements and desires, and create a completely distinctive and modern style for your floor. When, if not after wood floor sanding and refinishing, to enjoy and be proud of the glossy-like-a-mirror, flawless, and, perfect wooden surface of your favourite floor?!

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