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Floor Sanding, Solid, Parquet & Laminate Floor Fitting

8  |   Norbury

A recent wood floor renovation, sanding and refinishing project we undertook in Norbury illustrates how much of a difference a professional service can make for the appearance, but mostly for the condition and durability of every wooden floor.

7  |   Fulham

Proper upkeep of hardwood flooring and stairs is the key to prolonging their life and enjoying them for many years. Check out the flawless results professional floor and stair sanding, sealing, and repair can achieve with this recent Fulham project.

10  |   Streatham

A recent Streatham project came with the main goal to restore a beautiful but pretty worn and tired parquet floor. Gap filling improved the floor’s stability, sanding dealt with the surface issues and the fresh layers of lacquer improved the appearance.

9  |   Wandsworth

Engineered wood floor and stairs re-oiling is a process of regular upkeep and it ensures the good protection of your favourite floor and wooden staircase. This Wandsworth project is one more example from our portfolio for perfect results created with professional work.

7  |   Romford

Professional gap filling and refitting of the loose seasoned pine parquet blocks brought back this beautiful parquet floor in Romford to its initial glory and timeless elegance, while the sanding and refinishing services ensure lasting protection and improved appearance.

8  |   Lewisham

Check out the amazing results our wood flooring professionals achieved for this worn and damaged wooden floor in Lewisham. Floorboards repair, renovation, gap filling and refinishing can truly do wonders when performed by experienced specialists.

11  |   Hampstead

Parquet floors need some in-depth care and attention, so you are able to enjoy their timeless beauty and durability for many decades. For this Hampstead project we filled all gaps of the floor to improve its stability and durability, and re-sanded and refinished the surface of the floor for a flawless look and condition.

8  |   Wandsworth

Professional wood floor sanding and refinishing brings every hardwood floor back to its initial glory and durability and remove all traces of wear and use. Additional gap filling treatment improved significantly the stability of this Wandsworth floor.

14  |   Kensington

Breathe new life to the wooden surfaces in your home like flooring and stairs with the help of professional sanding and refinishing services. This Kensington project is evidence of how dramatic the changes and improvements are when professionals ensure flawless performance.

10  |   Hither Green

Sanding and sealing with lacquer finishes are both processes that enhance the durability and beauty of an engineered wood floor and protect it from potential issues. Check out the amazing results achieved for this engineered wood floor in Hither Green.

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