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Floor Sanding Services in Hampstead

Parquet Floor Restoration, Pine Floor Boards, Solid Wood, Engineered Wood Flooring

Looking for a Floor Sanding Company in Hampstead?

Hire our professional team of experienced and knowledgeable wood floor sanding and repair specialists for your Hampstead flooring project. Getting floorboards, parquet, hardwood or engineered wood flooring to their former glory is what we excel in. The perfection in results and the smile of our clients is our best reward.


Floor restoration project in Hampstead

Dust-free floor sanding and restoration services in Hampstead

We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality and high standard wood floor sanding, repair, restoration, and maintenance services. As a company with years of experience in the field and a rich portfolio of thousands of successful projects, we are glad to be able to work with clients throughout Hampstead. We believe everyone will appreciate and enjoy the minimal-disruption, highly efficient wood floor services we deliver and you will be impressed by the results achieved.

No matter if it comes to a commercial or domestic wood floor project, we have the best set of skills to take proper care of all types of real wood floors. It is our mission to restore the original beauty, durability, and lasting power of your favourite solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet floor and minimise the potential risks of it getting damaged over time.

What to Expect from Our Wood Floor Sanding in Hampstead?

When hiring our wood floor sanding team for your Hampstead project, you can expect professionalism and a really high standard or work. It is our goal to not only provide all clients with the right approach to their flooring and ensure the best results possible but also guarantee minimal disruption and no stress and mess with every service.

A wood floor sanding service delivered by us starts with a free inspection of the floor and a free quotation. This is our way to make sure you are getting only the necessary services for improving your floor and you are not over-paying for something you really don’t need. Additionally, our wood flooring specialists will be glad to further provide you with advice and tips on better wood floor maintenance and the best products you can use for looking after your flooring.

Hiring our experienced and dedicated wood floor sanding team in Hampstead means you will experience the best quality of service along with attention to details and honest communication. Additionally, our customer service team strives to be as helpful as possible, available seven days a week and gladly responding to all your questions and concerns in order to always find the best solution. All wood floor services provided by the company are covered by a Floor Service Guarantee and a comprehensive Public and Treatment Risk Insurance.

Discover More Wood Flooring Services We Deliver in Hampstead

  • Solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet floor sanding and refinishing.
  • Wood floor repairs, including spot refitting and floorboards replacement, water damage repairs, nailing and glueing down loose boards, and much more dedicated to the improvement of all types of real wood floors.
  • Gap filling and improving the insulation of the floor.
  • Wood floor staining along with a very impressive range of wood floor dyes and stains we supply and additional samples we provide to help you make the best decision.
  • Soundproofing of wood floors.
  • Supply and installation of reclaimed pine wood floorboards, reclaimed parquet flooring blocks, and original reclaimed wood flooring.
  • Supply of all grades of solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet flooring.
  • Supply and installation of flooring accessories.
  • Get an EXTRA 10% discount on our clean & polish service for all floors previously fitted or restored by FlooringFirst! Services.

Floor refinishing project in Hampstead

When working with us, you will get more than your usual wood flooring service. We strive to achieve the best results possible because we have a real passion for real wood flooring. We have a tailored approach to each floor and recommend only the necessary services.

Floor finishes available with our sanding & restoration services in Hampstead:

  • "Bona Mega" lacquer - quick-drying, water-based lacquer, coming as a standard for domestic and light commercial use. Available in extra-matt, matt, satin or gloss. Available in natural invisible/unfinished look as well.
  • "Bona Traffic HD" lacquer - quick-drying, water-based, extra durable, commercial-grade finish for high traffic areas. Available in matt or satin only. Available in natural invisible/unfinished look as well, and anti-slip option.
  • "Bona Classic Primer" - for light wood colouration which produces a high-elasticity and well-bodied surface, thanks to its solid content.
  • "Bona Prime Amberseal" - intense, rich, and warm colours. Low VOC and fast drying time!
  • "Bona Prime Deep" - produces an enriched grain pattern and colour. Contains less than 10% VOC. 
  • "Bona Prime Intense" - a waterborne primer for untreated wooden floors, producing a medium to rich wood colouration.
  • "Junckers Strong" lacquer - quick-drying, water-based lacquer, coming as a standard for domestic and light commercial use. Available in matt, satin or gloss.
  • "Junckers BasePrime" primer - quick-drying time, provides a light gold appearance to any light-coloured wood floors. In combination with a Junckers' solvent-based or water-based lacquer - is a perfect fit for most sanded and untreated parquet floors.
  • "Junckers HP Commercial" lacquer - quick-drying, water-based, extra durable, commercial-grade finish for high traffic areas. Available in matt, satin and gloss. Our flagship product.
  • "Junckers PreLak Primer" - water-based, fast-drying, can be used alongside any water-based floor finishing products.
  • "Junckers PreLak White Primer" - water-based, fast-drying, adds whitewash shade.
  • "Junckers HP Professional 625" lacquer - slower drying, extremely durable solvent-based lacquer for domestic and commercial use. Available in matt, satin or gloss. Strong odour.
  • "Loba WS Easy Prime" - Provides optimised adhesion between wood and finish, fast-drying, reduces side bonding.
  • "Loba WS Viva 1-Component Lacquer" - Easy and reliable application, water-based, one-component lacquer designed for hardwood and parquet floors. Available in matt and semi-gloss. 
  • "Loba WS Fusion 2K Lacquer" - 2-Component, waterborne finish based on polyurethan-resins with extremely good final hardness. Simple and safe application, excellent wear resistance. Suitable for parquet, hardwood and cork flooring.

What Our Clients from Hampstead Say About Us

“ We were happy with the work done by Nick. Thank you. ”
Mr. N. Palmer, from Hampstead Garden Suburb, NW11
“ Confident workers. Clean, neat and professional. ”
Mr. J. Smith, from Hampstead, NW3
“ Floor looks great! ”
Nrs. S. Pym, from West Hampstead, NW6 6LL
“ The installation has been completed to a high standard. The teams arrived on time and have been very helpful and friendly. We are completely satisfied. ”
Mr. R. Owen, from Hampstead, NW3 6PZ
“ Great job, the restored floor looks fantastic. Very professional and courteous team. ”
Mr. O Steinberger, from Hampstead, NW3 6YA
“ Excellent, charming,reliable staff. Made floor beautiful ”
Ms. R. Stone, from Hampstead, NW3 5PP
“ Very good job! ”
Mr. A. Nahid, from Hampstead, NW3 2HX
“ Floor in lounge looks great, stairs not quite finished yet, but what I have seen looks good. Great job and friendly service. ”
Mrs. C. Thomas, from Hampstead, NW3 6PE
“ Job done on time and to high quality. ”
Mr.J. Zangwill, from Hampstead, NW3 6YD
“ I am very happy with the work done. ”
Mrs. M. Sokolova, from West Hampstead, NW3 7BA

Floor Care Tips and Advice:

Find Our More on Sanding in Hampstead

Local Project: Floorboards Sanding & Engineered Wood Floor Installation in Hampstead

Wood floors can significantly increase the value of your home, this is why we are always happy to undertake a project that requires improvement and restoration of aged and worn wood floors as well as the installation of new ones. This project is a great example of the transforming power of wood floors and how they can positively affect the overall appearance and atmosphere of a house. In addition, a project like this shows that a major project that involves repair of older and distressed existing floor, as well as the installation of a new one, does not necessarily be associated with a lot of stress, mess, and hassle.
Floorboards sanding & engineered wood floor installation in Hampstead
Floorboards sanding & engineered wood floor installation in Hampstead 1
For this project, we have had two main missions. First of all, we repaired the already existing solid wood floor in one of the rooms. The process required us to have all the most damaged floorboards refitted and secured in place to ensure stability, lasting power, and safety. Next, we continued with filling all the gaps in between the boards for better insulation and durability of the floor. We finished this part of the project up by sanding the surface of the floor until complete smoothness, evenness, and a uniform look. We added a couple of layers of high-quality lacquer to provide extra long-lasting protection of bare wood and a beautiful glossy finish.

Next, we continued with the installation of engineered wood floorboards in another room of the house. Engineered wood has an advanced structure of crisscrossed layers that prevents the floorboards from contracting and swelling. It is a good choice for all the spaces that suffer from high traffic and can otherwise make timber floors a subject of moisture and humidity issues. The floor materials of choice for this project are Chene Invisible Oak Engineered Flooring with an oiled finish for an extra natural and effortlessly beautiful appearance.
Floorboards sanding & engineered wood floor installation in Hampstead  7
Floorboards sanding & engineered wood floor installation in Hampstead 8
Floorboards sanding & engineered wood floor installation in Hampstead 9

Local Project: Parquet Floor Sanding, Refinishing and Gap Filling in Hampstead

Parquet flooring is pretty much the epitome of real wood flooring. It is elegant and stylish, it is durable and hard-wearing, it has this old-world charm that is hard to resist and still somehow complements both traditional settings and contemporary interiors. In addition, parquet flooring comes in a really great variety of patterns and you can definitely make a statement with your interior by choosing the right one for your style and space. Parquet flooring is widely loved and if you are a lucky owner of one, you definitely want to take good care of it. One of the downsides, despite this is not the right word, of parquet flooring is that it is a bit more challenging to take care of when compared to a classic hardwood or engineered wood floor. However, there is no place and time for worries, because hiring experienced and seasoned professionals like the team members of our company will definitely guarantee flawless results for your project.

Parquet floor sanding, refinishing and gap filling in Hampstead
Parquet floor sanding, refinishing and gap filling in Hampstead 1
Parquet floor sanding, refinishing and gap filling in Hampstead 2

We have recently worked on this parquet floor renovation and sanding project in and as you can see – the results we have achieved are truly stunning. This is how a professional service works and it is recommended to always chose one for such a major home improvement project like parquet floor sanding. The challenge with parquet floor sanding is that due to the pattern and the different directions flooring blocks are installed in, so the patterns is achieved, it is impossible to sand the floor straight forward as you would do with a solid wood floor. Classic sanding means you will soon or later sand against the grain and damage the floorboards. Therefore, a lot more attention and craftsmanship is required and our specialists in the field can definitely offer it to every parquet floor sanding project.

For extra stability and solidness of this floor we have recently worked on, gap filling was also needed. Due to everyday use and the impact of humidity and temperature fluctuations, you will start noticing the occurrence of gaps between the parquet blocks. This affects the stability of the floor, its long-lasting power and insulation. The solution is easy – professional gap filling brings the durability of the floor back and ensures a smooth and uniform surface. Once all the gaps are filled and the surface of the parquet floor is sanded to perfection, we can continue with refinishing the floor. In this case, our clients have chosen a lacquer finish that perfectly complements the classic beauty of the parquet and ensures lasting protection and preservation of the natural colour and texture of wood.

Parquet floor sanding, refinishing and gap filling in Hampstead 8
Parquet floor sanding, refinishing and gap filling in Hampstead 9
Parquet floor sanding, refinishing and gap filling in Hampstead 10
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