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Floor Sanding, Solid, Parquet & Laminate Floor Fitting

14  |   Chelsea, Brompton

Check out the beautiful results achieved for this project in Chelsea! A quick and thorough parquet buff and re-coat turned this busy floor into a delight for the eyes and ensured long-lasting protection.

11  |   Harrow

We undertook this parquet floor renovation project in Harrow, foreseeing how this classic parquet pattern will be totally transformed and brought back to its initial glory with the help of sanding until smoothness and refinishing with glossy lacquer.

8  |   Northwest London

Our Northwest London clients now enjoy a newly installed, extra beautiful engineered wood floor that will stick with them for many decades due to the impressive, advanced construction resistant to water damage and humidity issues.

11  |   Harrow

Transforming the overall atmosphere of the University of Westminster in Harrow Campus by making it more inviting and comfortable thanks to renovating the wood floor was a real pleasure for our specialists. Here is how sanding and an advanced lacquer refinishing ensured more decades of service for this parquet floor.

10  |   Hampstead

We cater for all sorts of wood flooring needs and desires, from A to Z. Check out this major project we undertook in Hampstead for a demonstration of our craftsmanship at wood floor sanding and engineered wood floor installation.

10  |   Northwest London

This Northwest London project demonstrates how wood floor sanding and reoiling can transform any aged wooden floor into a modern and stylish focal point of any room.

9  |   Harrow

With the help of our professional and experienced team, this project in Harrow looks fully renovated and the result is more than satisfying!

5  |   West London

When you choose to hire our team, you make the great choice of having your favourite wooden floors renovated and refreshed back to their initial beauty and stability. This West London project showcases the transforming power of our floor refinishing service.

10  |   Enfield

Explore the advantages of wood floor sanding, re-oiling and buffing and check out the great results we’ve achieved for this hardwood floor located in Enfield.

6  |   Hounslow

Our knowledgeable wood floor restoration and refinishing team did a great job with this project in Hounslow. They started by refitting and securing all loose floorboards and finished with achieving an elegant new colour of the floor.

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