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Floor Sanding Services in Croydon

Parquet Floor Restoration, Pine Floor Boards, Solid Wood, Engineered Wood Flooring

Looking for a Floor Sanding Company in Croydon?

Our speciality in wood floor sanding and restoration is available across Croydon. Getting floorboards, parquet, hardwood or engineered wood flooring to their former glory is what we excel in. The perfection in results and the smile of our clients is our best reward.


Floor renovation project in Croydon

Dust-free floor sanding and restoration services in Croydon

As a leading flooring company in London, we bring the finest floor finishing service to Croydon. Whether it's your home or your place of work, you can rest assured that your wooden floors are looked after by experienced and insurance bonded flooring service, with a portfolio of 1000s satisfied clients.

What's Included in Our Floor Sanding Service in Croydon?

Our wood floor sanding services in Croydon comes with obligation free site visit and quotation as well as expert advice on floor sealing products and maintenance. When you choose FlooringFirst! in Croydon, you are getting a service with an eye on the detail, and a Customer Service team, striving to achieve excellent care, available 7 days a week. All our services are covered by our Floor Service Guarantee and comprehensive Public & Treatment Risk Insurance.

Our range of flooring services goes beyond renovation...

  • Floorboards, hardwood and parquet floor sanding and sealing
  • Floor repairs - partial refitting and local replacement of floorboards, parquet, engineered and hardwood flooring; repairs of water damaged floors, including parquet, hardwood or engineered floors.
  • Gap filling and minor touch-ups
  • Floor staining - we offer a wide range of wood dyes and can provide a number of samples before to proceeding with refinishing your floors, including whitewashed and grey finishes.
  • Soundproofing floorboards and decreasing drafts in floors
  • Supply and install seasoned/reclaimed original pine floorboards, hardwood and reclaimed parquet flooring to recover damage of existing floors.
  • We supply of prime and rustic parquet flooring, solid and engineered floors
  • We install new and replace skirting boards, beading and mouldings
  • Get an EXTRA 10% discount on our clean & polish service for all floors previously fitted or restored by FlooringFirst! Services.

Floor refinishing project in Croydon

Wooden floors can make a huge difference in the environment of your home, and it can be an essential element in your businesses image. Getting in touch with FlooringFirst! in Croydon is easy to do.

When you hire a flooring expert, you would probably like as well to receive more than just good looking smoothly finished wooden floors. You would also like a prompt, reliable service from someone who cares about your satisfaction. With us, that's precisely what you'll get.

Finishes available with FlooringFirst! restoration services:

  • "Bona Mega" lacquer - quick-drying, water-based lacquer, coming as a standard for domestic and light commercial use. Available in extra-matt, matt, satin or gloss. Available in natural invisible/unfinished look as well.
  • "Bona Traffic HD" lacquer - quick-drying, water-based, extra durable, commercial-grade finish for high traffic areas. Available in matt or satin only. Available in natural invisible/unfinished look as well, and anti-slip option.
  • "Bona Classic Primer" - for light wood colouration which produces a high-elasticity and well-bodied surface, thanks to its solid content.
  • "Bona Prime Amberseal" - intense, rich, and warm colours. Low VOC and fast drying time!
  • "Bona Prime Deep" - produces an enriched grain pattern and colour. Contains less than 10% VOC. 
  • "Bona Prime Intense" - a waterborne primer for untreated wooden floors, producing a medium to rich wood colouration.
  • "Junckers Strong" lacquer - quick-drying, water-based lacquer, coming as a standard for domestic and light commercial use. Available in matt, satin or gloss.
  • "Junckers BasePrime" primer - quick-drying time, provides a light gold appearance to any light-coloured wood floors. In combination with a Junckers' solvent-based or water-based lacquer - is a perfect fit for most sanded and untreated parquet floors.
  • "Junckers HP Commercial" lacquer - quick-drying, water-based, extra durable, commercial-grade finish for high traffic areas. Available in matt, satin and gloss. Our flagship product.
  • "Junckers PreLak Primer" - water-based, fast-drying, can be used alongside any water-based floor finishing products.
  • "Junckers PreLak White Primer" - water-based, fast-drying, adds whitewash shade.
  • "Junckers HP Professional 625" lacquer - slower drying, extremely durable solvent-based lacquer for domestic and commercial use. Available in matt, satin or gloss. Strong odour.
  • "Loba WS Easy Prime" - Provides optimised adhesion between wood and finish, fast-drying, reduces side bonding.
  • "Loba WS Viva 1-Component Lacquer" - Easy and reliable application, water-based, one-component lacquer designed for hardwood and parquet floors. Available in matt and semi-gloss. 
  • "Loba WS Fusion 2K Lacquer" - 2-Component, waterborne finish based on polyurethan-resins with extremely good final hardness. Simple and safe application, excellent wear resistance. Suitable for parquet, hardwood and cork flooring.

What Our Clients from Croydon Say About Us

“ The guys have done a very good job! ”
Mr. D. Monks, from Croydon, CR0
“ Excellent! Really pleasant, proffesional floor fitters. Work completed to a very high standard. ”
Mrs. Maureen Gore, from Croydon, CR0 4LD
“ I could not have had better floor experts. They understood what I wanted. They were tremendously hard-working and conscientious. Come again! ”
Mrs. M. Heyburn, from Croydon, CR0 6BR
“ Really quick+thorough work.Looks great - better than expected. ”
Mr. Rob Kirby, from Croydon, CR0 6LU
“ Very pleased ith work - the new floor looks great. Thank you! ”
Mr. L. Newman, from South Croydon, CR2 6PQ
“ Great team, very polite and did a good job. Thanks. ”
Mr. J. Robinson, from South Croydon, CR2 0NQ

Floor Care Tips and Advice:

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Local Project: Sanding And Painting Damaged Oak Floorboards in Croydon

It looked like the typical distressed floor. It had suffered from dents, marks and scratches all over. The floor, however, seemed stable enough and did not require extensive repairs or floorboard replacement of any kind. Cases such as this one allow us to immediately get on with our work and save time to our clients as well as ourselves.

There isn’t much to be said about the sanding process. Like always, we stripped the more uneven parts and slowly transitioned to finer sandpaper grits until we were sure that the floor looked as good as it could possibly be. Once the surface was fully buffed it was ready for painting.

Sanding and painting damaged oak floorboards in London Borough of Croydon 1
Sanding and painting damaged oak floorboards in London Borough of Croydon

Staining is one of the trickier parts of floor restoration for two reasons. First, sometimes the process can be tough to perform on some specific wood types because the stain isn’t properly absorbed or is affected by the wood’s original colour. Fortunately, oak is quite easy to stain so it wasn’t a problem at all.

Second, if the sanding is not performed at a professional level, any imperfection will be magnified by the stain and become more visible. If something goes wrong, the only way to fix this is to sand and re-stain again. Obviously, with our expertise such a scenario will never come to pass. We stained the floor white with no complications.

We usually go for lacquers like the Junckers HP Commercial which provides excellent results at a reasonable price but in this case, we agreed with the client to go for Bona Mega. Bona Mega is a water-based varnish which, like most of its kind, doesn’t turn yellow as it ages. This makes it very suitable for grey or white stained floors such as the one we were currently working on.

The floor was restored to its previous glory in a flash. The whole process took us no more than 2 days. One for sanding and buffing and one for staining and finishing. The differences before and after making any words obsolete. We also included pictures showing how we restored the floor before applying the stain to make the result more visible.

Sanding and painting damaged oak floorboards in London Borough of Croydon 2
Sanding and painting damaged oak floorboards in London Borough of Croydon 3

Local Project: Staining Floorboards After Sanding Service in Croydon

As we already mentioned, our teams are experienced in the restoration of old and damaged wooden floors. The following case is a proof for our high level of craftsmanship and expertise. The flooring is from pine floorboards and suffers from finish flaws and huge gaps, which was the reason some of the boards to be refitted. There was also a huge difference in the level of the boards in particular areas of the room.

Our tasks included stripping off the scratched surface in few stages with different sandpaper grits. Once the boards were smooth and levelled, we could continue with filling the gaps. For some of the gaps that wide up to 5mm we’ve used wood slivers with matching colour.

Staining floorboards after sanding service in Croydon 1
Staining floorboards after sanding service in Croydon

The clients wanted to have some major changes in the appearance of their flooring, so they also included staining in the quotation. The selected product was in medium tones – Morrells light oak. The final step from the job was to seal the flooring with the hardwearing finish, in this case, this was the water-based lacquer ‘Junckers HP Commercial’. After applying 4 coats with a satin sheen, our job here was done. These impressive results were achieved in 3 days.

Staining floorboards after sanding service in Croydon 4
Staining floorboards after sanding service in Croydon 5

Local Project: Teak Engineered Flooring Repair in Croydon

When our team arrived at the premises, it turned out that this project would not present any difficulty at all. It was pretty much a one-two job where all they had to do was refit some of the old floorboards, then proceed with the sanding process.

Teak engineered flooring repair in Croydon
Teak engineered flooring repair in Croydon 1

After the teak floors were sanded, part of the residual dust was used to fill the gaps between the floorboards. After applying the primer and sealant, respectively, the floors were finished off with Osmo's Polyx Hardwax Oil. This led to the beautiful and shiny look you can see in the photos.

Teak engineered flooring repair in Croydon 3
Teak engineered flooring repair in Croydon 2
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