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Wood Flooring Company in Chiswick

Supply & Fit Parquet Flooring, Solid Wood Flooring, Laminate & Engineered Wood Flooring

Certified Floor Installation Services in Chiswick, W4

Our wood floor fitting services are available across Chiswick. As a local expert in the installation of parquet, hardwood and engineered floors, we are confident to offer to our customers' professional expertise and guaranteed quality brought in with friendly customer care. Whether it's your home or place of work, you can rest assured that your wooden floors are looked after by experienced and fully insured wood floor fitters in Chiswick.


Floor fitting project in Chiswick

What's Included in Our Floor Installation Service in Chiswick?

Our wood floor fitting service includes obligation free site visit and quotations in Chiswick as well as expert advice on flooring products, free flooring samples and maintenance. When you choose our fitters, you choose less headache, more choice and one supplier of service + products, as we bring it all together for you at a reasonable price:

  • Parquet flooring laying - single and double herringbone, plus various other patterns, borders and deco borders available
  • Hardwood installation
  • Engineered wood floor installation
  • Laminate floor laying
  • 2 Years Service Guarantee. We make sure your property is prepared. Moisture & temperature readings will be collected from flooring, environment and subfloor.
  • Subfloor levelling - plying down, boarding and application of self-levelling compounds
  • Liquid DPM application (damp-proofing) for concrete base
  • Doors and door frames trimming
  • Fitting of underlays and noise-reducing insulation
  • Floor repairs - refitting of floorboards and replacement of parquet, hardwood and engineered wood flooring
  • Supply and install reclaimed pine floorboards and reclaimed parquet flooring
  • Supply of parquet blocks, engineered, solid and laminate flooring
  • Supply and fitting of skirting boards, beading and various accessories
  • Restoration and maintenance of your wooden floors
  • GET EXTRA 10% DISCOUNT on our Clean & Polish service for all floors fitted or restored by FlooringFirst!

Floor laying project in ChiswickWooden floors can bring in a huge difference at your home and office environment - they provide the natural element, which we all prefer to have in our surroundings and they are easy to maintain. Wooden floors and laminate flooring are known as well as an allergy reducer.

With our knowledge and experience in the installation of wooden floors, we may find the right product for your home together - with our expert knowledge on subfloors, products and method of installation and your preference of finish and colour. For advice on products, get in touch with your qualified flooring installers in Chiswick, Monday - Saturday, from 07:30 am - 05:30 pm.

Complete "Supply & Fit" Service for clients in Chiswick

FlooringFirst! offers a complete range of laminate products from QuickStep, Balterio, Egger and Elka.

Our Supply & Fit service includes thousands of engineered oak flooring products from Elka, QuickStep, V4, Evolve, Xylo, Boen, Kahrs and many other brands.

We keep solid oak parquet flooring blocks always in stock and available in 4 grades:

  • 70x230x20 mm - prime, natural, rustic, extra rustic
  • 70x280x20 mm - prime, natural, rustic, extra rustic
  • 70x350x20 mm - prime, natural, rustic, extra rustic

We also offer huge range unfinished and prefinished of engineered oak parquet flooring blocks with sizes from 230 to 600mm and various thicknesses. All oak blocks are suitable for herringbone patterns but a range of chevron patterns is also available.

When hiring a parquet floor fitter, or hardwood floor layer you would probably like as well to receive more than just good looking new floors. You would also like a friendly, reliable service from people who care about your satisfaction all the way through. With our wood floor fitting service in Chiswick, that's precisely what you'll get.

What Our Clients from Say About Us

“Excellent professional work.”
Ms. Nicole, from Chiswick, W4
“I appreciated the advice on what stains would work best. The team seemed determined to ensure that we were satisfied rather than just completing the job.”
Mr. T. Price, from Chiswick, W4
“Very high quality work - thank you. A pleasure to employ them.”
Mrs. A. Mathers, from Chiswick, W4
“ Thank you so much. They have done a good job and they are very nice people. ”
Mrs. H. Makhamalbas, from Chiswick, W4
“ Excellent. Very happy now. Thank you. ”
Mrs. A. Muller, from Chiswick, W4
“ Miroslav did an excellent job!!! ”
Mr. P. Hullah, from Chiswick, W4
“ An excellent job, well carried out by a polite and careful craftsman. ”
Mr. W.Berryman, from Chiswick, W4 3EB
“ Super service! Everything looked great and very tidy. :) ”
Mrs J. Dyer, from Chiswick, W4 1PD
“ Excellent service, friendly and professional staff, very happy altogether. ”
Mrs. Rath, from Chiswick, W4 1BY

Floor Care Tips and Advice

Find Our More on Fitting Floors in Chiswick

Herringbone Parquet Flooring with Double Border & Wenge Feature Strip in Chiswick

Parquetry is a prefered choice by many householders, it's looking astonishing, every installation has unique appearance and pattern. Fitting the blocks precisely is a challenge even for an experienced fitter, that is why our fitters have training and experience backing them up.

Herringbone parquet flooring with double border & wenge feature strip in Chiswick
Herringbone parquet flooring with double border & wenge feature strip in Chiswick 1

The client wanted his parquet blocks to be layed in a herringbone pattern. This was a common task for our guys, but they paid attention to the details as always. First, they left the blocks for a few weeks in the property to acclimatise, which is really important. After that they started with the preparation of the subfloor, the area was clean and levelled when they fitted the extra sound-proofing underlay requested by the client. Then they started with the important part.

During the process, the surface has been sanded and buffed, which makes it smooth and ready for sealing. The client preferred a double border around and dark wenge feature strip.

Herringbone parquet flooring with double border & wenge feature strip in Chiswick 2

QuickStep Vinyl Installation in Chiswick

As a leading expert in the floor installation business, with numerous years of experience behind our backs, we at FlooringFirst can work with different types of floor coverings. Whether it's a parquet, hardwood, or engineered flooring that needs to be installed, we are the right company for it! Recently, vinyl has been becoming more and more popular amongst the younger generation, due to the fact it's really easy to maintain and it's extremely durable. There are also different grades of vinyl flooring available, but QuickStep's Lyvin Pulse Click is definitely amongst one of the top contenders when it comes to quality.

QuickStep vinyl installation in Chiswick
QuickStep vinyl installation in Chiswick 1
QuickStep vinyl installation in Chiswick 2

The main advantage of this type of flooring, compared to the laminate, solid, and engineered floors comes from a couple of factors. One of them is the scratch-resistance the vinyl flooring innately possesses. It's also better suited to be used in kitchens and bathrooms, as there is no wooden layer to be affected by the excess moisture and/or the occasional spills. It's also really important to make sure the ground the vinyl is laid on is perfectly prepared for it. Which is why, in this case, the client chose to opt for a QuickStep Underlay that's made exclusively for the company's vinyl range.

QuickStep vinyl installation in Chiswick 4
QuickStep vinyl installation in Chiswick 5
QuickStep vinyl installation in Chiswick 3
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