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The Best Flooring For Country House

When it comes to a country-style house or a real country house, nothing can beat the cosiness, warmth, and comfort such places have. Therefore, when choosing a floor for such interiors, you should pick something equally beautiful, natural, and tranquil-looking. There are many flooring options that can contribute to creating such an overall welcoming atmosphere of cosiness. In fact, when choosing the right floor for such spaces, this is one of the most important aspects of the interior you will need to consider. The right flooring will become the foundation that sets the right tone for space and make it feel the way you want it to be. Let’s find out more about the most suitable flooring options for a country-style house.

Barn-board Planks

Barn-board planks flooring

Of course, the ultimate flooring choice for a country-style house, the epitome of farmhouse or country house style is definitely real wood flooring. Hardwood flooring brings unbeatable beauty, elegance, character, tranquillity, and cosiness to every house and every room where installed. However, if you want to go the extra mile and not just pick a wooden floor, but a style of wood flooring that will perfectly match your country house, you should definitely go for barn-board planks.

This is the type of wood flooring that most of the people will envision when thinking of a country house. One of the main specifics of this type of flooring that differs it from the rest of the wood flooring options is the uniqueness of the character of each floorboard. The natural pattern of wood, the aged and weathered look that tells stories of previous generations and owners and their lives, the patina that such floorboards own and the way all comes together to create a unique and one-of-a-kind style is simply something you cannot achieve with any other type of flooring. Barn-board planks are certainly providing everything you need for your country house. In addition, this wood flooring option comes with a number of benefits.

Barn-board planking is a very inexpensive and affordable type of real wood flooring. In addition, with this type of flooring your styling options are limited only by your imagination and creativeness so you can pretty much enjoy the exact floor you have always dreamed of. With this type of wood flooring, you can paint, finish, and design in a unique way. Barn-board planks are also an eco-friendly and sustainable choice since you are practically getting a recycled material and installing it in your house. Keep in mind that as this is older wood, it may be more prone to cracks and scratches, so keep it well-maintained and take proper and regular care of it.

Milled Reclaimed Wood

Milled reclaimed wood flooring

There is no wonder we are still on the topic of real wood flooring and recycled wood floor materials, to be more specific. Since wood flooring is the epitome of farmhouse, country-style interior and reclaimed wood is a unique wood flooring option with its own distinctive character and a unique appearance, milled reclaimed wood flooring is our next suggestion. Milled reclaimed wood is a great alternative to classic reclaimed wood flooring materials that are harder to find and more expensive. With milled reclaimed wood, the floorboards are milled or cut from old factory and warehouse beams.

Next, the floorboards are usually stained and finished with polyurethane for great durability and hard-wearing power. However, no matter if finished and stained and what products are used, milled reclaimed wood floorboards save their original character and old-world charm that can perfectly fit into the concept of your interior design. Such wood flooring option is simply the best if you want to achieve a pure country look. Considering the age of milled reclaimed wood floorboards, make sure to maintain them regularly and clean them properly, because these lumber materials may be more prone to scratches and dents, as well as issues caused by moisture, humidity, temperature fluctuations when compared to brand-new wooden floorboards.

Randomly Placed Slate Tiles

If a charming and attractive farmhouse or cottage style look if your goal, then a randomly placed slate tile flooring is definitely a way to achieve it. Laying slate tiles in a random pattern will achieve a cobblestone look and feel, which is something really exciting and unexpected in an interior, while still a very classic and understandable style option for a country house.

You can choose such type of flooring for the kitchen or the laundry room since slate tiles are extremely durable and won’t get affected by moisture, humidity, temperature fluctuations. However, natural stone tiles are definitely not the best choice for the bedroom or lounge areas of the house, because they don’t come with the same comfort, warmth, and cosiness real wood flooring brings in, for example. When choosing a slate tile flooring, keep in mind that legs and feet may get tired standing on such surface for a long period of time.

Painted Wood Flooring

Painted wood flooringBack again to real wood flooring but this time with a little twist. Painted wood floors do not simply mean a surface painted in one solid colour. In fact, if you want to add some excitement and uniqueness to your country-style wooden floor, make sure to choose a beautiful and intriguing pattern to be painted on the floor. The easiest and safest way to try out this style option is considering the checkboard pattern. It is an easy way to involve some colours in the overall style of the floor and your house, while still keeping it simple and easy to style around.

The checkboard pattern is very classic and also very suitable for a country-style house. Just make sure your painted wooden floor is re-sanded and refinished as often as needed in order to ensure great protection and preservation of the colour and the pattern. Painted wood floors are recommended to be finished with polyurethane thanks to its amazing durability and impressive hard-wearing and long-lasting power.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooringYou can enjoy all of the above-listed flooring style options even if your budget does not allow you to invest money in real wood or real stone flooring. How? The answer is simple – just consider luxury vinyl flooring. This type of flooring is designed to perfectly mimic natural materials for floors and it comes in a really impressive variety of styles, designs, colours, patterns, and textures. Luxury vinyl flooring can be designed to mimic an aged wooden look, the charm of antique or vintage floorboards, the beauty and simplicity of natural stone, and you can have all that in the exact colour and texture that will best fit your country-style interior.

The best part is that luxury vinyl flooring comes for just a fraction of the price of a floor made out of natural materials. In addition, luxury vinyl flooring is very easy to keep clean and in good condition, it is very durable and hard-wearing, it is moisture- and stress-resistant and a great choice for high-traffic and busy areas of the house, where real wood floors can get scratched and stained.

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