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Choosing the Right Width for your Wood Floor

Choosing the right wood floorboard widthNowadays, wood flooring boards are available in a great variety of different widths. Thankfully so because just a couple of decades back, being spoilt of choice when it comes for floorboard widths was something no one has heard of. However, thanks to the innovations and modernisation of the wood flooring industry in recent decades, now you have more and more options and opportunities in the context of wood flooring styles and designs.

Experimenting with different floorboard widths is a great way to show you are thinking outside the box and you can create and enjoy a unique wooden floor that makes a statement and without hopping onto the beaten path of experimenting with different colours and textures. In fact, trying our different and more unique widths allow you to achieve more than just a cool and unexpected style and a floor that attracts attention.

It allows you to play around with visual illusion too and be able to create something that stands out. When you are buying a wooden floor for the first time in your life, you may be surprised that wooden floorboards are offered in different widths. However, you will soon find out why. In terms of design, different floorboard widths can create absolutely different effects and atmospheres in the same room.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right width that will fit the layout and overall design of the room perfectly and enhance its advantages while visually camouflaging some of the disadvantages. There are no strict rules at how different widths can work and choosing the right floorboard width was usually nothing to do with the quality, durability, or long-lasting power of the floor. It is strictly determined by your individual style and the effect you want to achieve. Despite the fact there are no strict rules, today we would like to provide you with some fundamental guidelines that will definitely help you choose the right wood floorboard width for your room.

Floorboards for Small Rooms

Floorboards for small roomsChoosing the right wood flooring for a small room is actually much easier than you expect. All you need is to choose wider floorboard that has the ability to achieve an optical illusion of a more spacious and larger room. The same thing works for rooms that are narrower in reality and can look wider if you install a wooden floor with wide floorboards. In order to make the visual illusion even stronger and make the room look even more spacious, make sure to choose a wooden floor in a light colour in a prime or select grade which means less natural pattern.

The light colour and clean lines will additionally add an airy feeling to space and make it appear larger. As far as finish goes, choosing a glossy lacquer finish is a great way to add even more dimension and spaciousness to the room. The glossy finish will reflect the natural light in a beautiful way, indeed, the same way as mirrors work for a small room and make it appear and feel larger. Always make sure to have the wide floorboard fitted in a direction that follows the natural light coming from the biggest or the main window in the room.

Floorboards for Large Rooms

Floorboards for large roomsWhen it comes to rooms that are already large enough, you don't need to create the optical illusion with the wider floorboard unless you don't want to, of course. At the end of the day, who would mind having a room that looks and feel extra spacious and non-cluttered. However, large rooms also allow you the opportunity to choose more narrow boards and create a very interesting and unique wooden floor that complements the design of the room and actually can dictate the overall setting, style, and atmosphere.

Narrow boards are often chosen for the achievement of a more formal and classic style. Simply envision all the castles and stately homes with a wooden floor installed and all you can think of would be the intriguing and detailed wood floor patterns achieved with the help of narrower and smaller floorboards. Achieving the same effect if you already have a large and beautiful room is an easy job and you will be able to enjoy a very unique style, making the floor the focal point of the room.

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