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Choose the Best Flooring for a Hotel

Choose the best flooring for a hotelChoosing the right flooring for a hotel is not always an easy mission. You may even find it challenging, especially considering the overwhelming choice you have with so many different types of flooring available on the market nowadays. You need to choose carefully, take your time, and consider every aspect, in order to make sure you are making the best choice.

A hotel floor should be many things. First of all, hotel flooring has to be attractive and elegant. It should grab the attention of hotel guests and make them feel good, comfortable, and welcomed. A hotel flooring must create a specific atmosphere of timeless elegance and beauty. Do not choose a floor that is a product of current trends, however, it will be totally out of style by the end of the next couple of years. It is always recommendable to choose a style that is appreciated and well-loved throughout the years, something classic, sophisticated, even with a luxurious touch. There are so many types of flooring available on the market worldwide and each one of the flooring options comes with its own, very distinctive and unique design and appearance. Consider the best of the interior of the hotel, the overall concept and theme of the place, and it will be easier for you to pick the right floor in the context of style and appearance.

A hotel floor should also be very durable and hard-wearing. Since a hotel is a public/commercial place, it is safe to say that the floors experience a very high level of high traffic and heavy footfall. You don’t want to invest in a few floors, just to witness it struggling with wear and tear a couple of months after installation. You also don’t want to deal with a number of potential issues and problems caused by the high level of everyday use. Therefore, you would like to invest your money into a floor that can withstand the test of time, the stress, everyday use, and what not. A floor that is naturally durable, stable and sturdy, long-lasting and hard-wearing.

A hotel floor should also feel comfortable and safe. It is necessary to choose a non-slip surface floor in order to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests and employees of the hotel. In addition, hotel flooring should definitely be easy-to-maintain, naturally hygienic, and easy to keep clean and in perfect condition. You don’t want to invest in a floor that requires a time-consuming, challenging, and expensive upkeep and cleaning routine. You also don’t want to invest in a floor that, without the maintenance routine, will look age-old, sad and tired within a couple of weeks.

So, what type of flooring can tick all the boxes and guarantee that all your requirements, needs, and desires are met? In fact, different types of flooring can contribute differently to the comfort, appearance, and durability of the hotel setting. In addition, you are not limited to choosing just one type of flooring for the entire place, right? Especially considering the fact that different areas of the hotel may require different types of flooring with their own advantages and benefits. For example, solid wood flooring could be a brilliant option for the larger areas of the hotel like the lobby and reception, halls, hallways, etc. Solid wood flooring is a classic choice and probably the most beautiful type of flooring on the market.

It is definitely a show-stopper and you will be able to impress the guests of the hotel with a stunning solid wood floor. Creating an atmosphere of elegance, classic beauty, cosiness, and even luxury, solid wood flooring is also a very durable, hard-wearing and long-lasting choice. Ensure the right maintenance and cleaning routine and this floor can last up to a whole century. Choose the right protective finish and solid wood floors become almost resistant to scratches and stress. However, keep in mind that solid wood flooring and moisture are not best friends, therefore, we highly recommend you keep the solid wood floors strictly to the areas with average and low levels of indoor moisture and humidity.

If you are looking for something really durable and easy-to-maintain for the areas of higher moisture content such as kitchen and bar areas and even the bathroom, vinyl flooring is an amazing choice. It represents the classic beauty of real wood flooring and mimics it to perfection. However, unlike solid wood floors, vinyl flooring is not made out of natural materials, which makes it pretty much resistant to stress, scratches, wear and tear, moisture, and more. Vinyl flooring definitely meets the criteria of being extra durable, easy-to-maintain, hard-wearing and long-lasting, and very affordable too, which is always a great bonus.

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