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7 Benefits of White Oak Flooring

Seven reasons to install white oak flooringWhite oak flooring becomes more and more popular among homeowners all over the world. And there is a good reason behind it. A white oak flooring comes with a long list of benefits and can contribute a lot to the interior and functionality of a house. Here is a list of the seven top reasons why you would like to have a beautiful white oak flooring installed in your home.

Contemporary Look

There is no doubt that the simple and sophisticated beauty of white oak flooring gives every interior a very contemporary and modern feel. Light and attractive, white oak flooring looks clean and very elegant. White oak is not only natural light but also has very minimalistic graining, which gives it an even cleaner look. It is easy to incorporate white oak in all sorts of interiors as it works as a simple background to all sorts of styles and designs, however, it looks the best with a modern, sophisticated, and even minimalistic or urban style.


White oak flooring is well-known for its great durability and hard-wearing power. It has a decent hardness as rated at the Janka hardness scale and it is pretty resistant to dents, scratches, gouges, and marks. Even if the white oak floor is heavily used and affected by high traffic, the scratches won't be that visible, because the light grain of white oak will effectively camouflage them.

Water Resistance

White oak flooring - contemporary lookYou know that water, moisture, and humidity are among the worst enemies of wood floors in general. The above-mentioned can make the floor contract and expand excessively which can lead to a number of issues and problems in the longer term. However, some wood species are naturally more resistant to water and moisture than others and these are usually the wood species with a closed-grain such as white oak.

Closed grain wood species have their pores clogged with tyloses, which means that water and other liquids cannot penetrate into the pores and cause serious damage. White oak wood species is widely used for manufacturing boats and front doors mainly because of how naturally water-resistant it is. Therefore, with a white oak floor, you can forget about all worries that your floor can get easily damaged and ruined by moisture. White oak is a great choice for areas such as kitchens, basements, and even the bathroom where moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations may be too damaging to other popular wood species.

Easy to Change the Look

Thanks to the light and not grainy appearance of white oak, it works as the perfect canvas for stains and other treatments focused on changing the look of the floorboards. With white oak, you can unleash your creativity and imagination and try out different looks, colours, designs. The pores play an important role at soaking up stains and sealing products and make the new colour intensive enough and opaque.


White oak, despite its long list of benefits, is a pretty affordable and cost-effective option. Because of the fact it is a domestic wood species, white oak will not cost as much as an exotic wood species, for example. There are well-maintained forestation standards of white oak in North America and Europe, therefore, this wood species is not rare and is sold on a very reasonable price.

Interesting Character

White a very light, almost white base, even the slight graining and natural pattern of white oak stands out more, which gives it a unique look and the ability to add character and distinctive style wherever the white oak floor is installed. This makes white oak a great choice for interiors that are designed to achieve a farmhouse style, vintage style, and more. The wood can be additionally treated with different professional methods, including brushing, adding saw marks, or hand scraping, in order to give it even more distressed look and distinctive character.

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