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Gray, White Or Dark – What Are The Trendy Colours For Wooden Floors?

Wood floor staining trends
Staining a floor is not just some straightforward mechanical task. It requires planning and the ability to express your personality through colour and overall design. To truly ensure that everything fits together perfectly within the interior of the room. To make the right kind of impression to the visitor! It is not an easy thing to achieve, is it?

What Are The Colour Trends?

Flooring stained in whitewashWhitewash - It is widely used as part of a coastal, beach theme look. Recently there has been an increase in its popularity. Works very well with blue, turquoise and green accents on your furniture. It radiates calm and relaxation. Right now, however, whitewash comes wire-brushed or with a bit of grey. If you intend to use whitewash, keep in mind it will be a bit more expensive. Besides, you cannot use an oil-based finish because with the passage of time it will turn your floor yellow. The best choice would be a polyurethane water-based finish which will also add to the cost. You get good value for your money, though. Water-based polyurethane products are the most durable type of finish and will serve you well for years.

Grey - it is considered a neutral colour and uniquely enhances grain’s texture. It is versatile and easy to fit almost everywhere since it complements and softens other, brighter colours in the interior. To achieve the perfect shade of grey, we have to mix ebony and whitewash. As already mentioned, the whitewash is not that cheap. Everything said above about the use of water-based lacquers is also valid here and this means more money spent. Getting that perfect tint is also not a job for the inexperienced because the sanding must be extremely well done, during Wood floor staining process the product has to be spread out evenly and consistently, as the different wood types react differently to the stains. Oak, for example, can work out great. Maple can go blotchy. Species matter.Black hardwood flooring

Black - If you want to have a dramatic, elegant and stylish look, then a very dark colour brown or black hardwood is just the thing for you. Fits well with another simple colour in the surroundings like white, silver, chrome and metallic accents. Dark floors are a bit harder to clean because scratches and dirt are easier to spot on such surfaces. At the same time, stains will not be as visible and gaps won’t make as big an impression. The two most popular strains are jacobean and ebony. Ebony is the darkest shade available while jacobean is more on the brownish side with a bit warmer look. Some people cannot decide what they want and get both. The resulting colour is called espresso.

Vintage hardwood - Old means time-proven and reliable, authentic. It doesn’t hide the imperfection but revels in them. Probably the best way to achieve such a look is by getting a reclaimed floor. Reclaimed hardwood has many admirers and for a good reason.

What Makes Reclaimed Flooring So Attractive?

Wood planks with vintage appearance

So many benefits - Where to even begin? Many of the wood species used in reclaimed flooring can no longer be found in the market. Reclaimed floors are eco-friendly and help preserve the forests in an age when deforestation is a serious concern. The floor itself is usually cut from bigger, tougher and more mature trees while commercially grown alternatives are rarely left the time. The timber from a fully grown tree can provide bigger planks that will tend to be splitless.

Once exposed to the elements wood will naturally shrink and expand time and over again. This will eventually make it even more durable. Some dislike the fact the wood has aged and has some imperfections. Many more will love the fact it has proven its high quality over the years and value its story and individual character. One thing is certain. There are high demand and short supply. Even those who dislike reclaimed floors cannot deny it is something unique and, therefore, valuable.

Modern vintage - This style of flooring more or less imitates the real vintage hardwood. The idea is to mimic the unique, weathered look reclaimed floors possess by using large planks and showing the imperfections of the wood. The finish is quite often wire-brushed or oil-rubbed with a low gloss. The floor usually is flat with square edges and. The colours of choice are also more neutral and restrained compared to real reclaimed wood.

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