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Floor Sanding Service Adapted For Care And Nursing Homes

Floor sanding service in care homes

In British residential care and nursing homes, where the main priority is the comfort and personalised care for adults with a variety of requirements and needs, initiating, considering and undergoing a wood floor sanding service might not sound like the best idea. Gone are the days when stripping off the surface of a wooden floor was a messy process that causes a lot of disruption to the day-to-day life of families, individuals and people engaged in commercial activities.

Today’s floor sanding services and treatments are nothing they were before and there is no trace left of the messiness, untidiness, noise and inconvenience there used to be a couple of decades back, before the technical and professional improvement we can witness and enjoy to this date. With that being said, wood floor sanding is no more a service unsuited to the everyday life and habits of the residents of care and nursing homes.

Perhaps matching the word sanding to convenience, comfort and the promise for minimal disruption and disturbance looks like a marketing and advertising trick you cannot entirely believe in. However and thanks to the progress, advancement and gain of better skills and advanced and innovative equipment, present-day wood floor sanding specialists and contractors are fully capable and efficient at delivering quiet, convenient and even inconspicuous service even in places, where comfort, tranquillity and calmness a necessity such as care and nursing homes.

Furthermore, when speaking from the sanding professionals, skills and experience are not everything required for a well-done job. Having a personal attitude to the given project and situation as well as being able to understand the priorities related to a certain job as well as the specific requirements and preferences of the client is something every service contractor should be familiar with, understand and respect.

Here is the exact point, where an experienced and knowledgeable contractor and specialist can be called a professional. The most important thing about each job that is related to working with clients, working with people is having respect for these people’s personal and individual needs and desires. When the sanding job is delivered to a care home, taking into account the specificities of the type of the establishment and its residents, paying, even more, attention and respecting the individual particularities of the project itself is highly important.Floor sanding service in care homes 1

What are the working specifics related to delivering a refinishing service in a care home? Residential care homes in the UK are based on the concept of offering a family-like setting for seniors and adults, including assistance with daily living, sometimes focused on medical care too. Home-style living in such assisted living communities is achieved by ensuring the full comfort, well-being, health and happiness of the residents of the care home by managing and supervising care, attention and assistance to people that find themselves in a position needing them.

With that being said, we all can guess that tranquillity and calmness are much needed in such establishments for guaranteeing the serenity, convenience and welfare of all residents. Delivering a sanding service to personal care homes means respecting all the rules, necessities and requirements of the place and its residents.

Why is wood floor sanding needed?

Wood floor sanding is one of the essential treatments that benefit better looking and feeling the wooden floor. Installation of a wooden floor is a common choice for both residential homes and commercial buildings and premises because of the many benefits this type of flooring overbeats other types with. Just a few of the main advantages of wood flooring include not only the amazing, stylish, elegant and very cosy appearance, but also the stability and solidness of such flooring.

There are three main sorts of wood floor constructions – solid wood, engineered wood and parquet. While parquet floors are very beautiful and eye-catching with their amazing patterns, solid wood and engineered wood floors are a more common choice in terms of practicality and functionality and their lower price and less maintenance required.

In general, all types of wood floors are made entirely from real lumber and wooden materials and because of that make a solid, sturdy and resistant to a list of issues and problems construction that if maintained properly can last up to a century! Furthermore, wooden floors are very hygienic and easy to maintain, they do not attract as much dust and dirt build-ups, allergens and bacteria as other types of flooring like carpets, for example. Because of these and because of a lot more reasons.

Furthermore, wooden floors are very hygienic and easy to maintain, they do not attract as much dust and dirt build-ups, allergens and bacteria as other types of flooring like carpets, for example. Because of these and because of a lot more reasons, wooden floors are a very common choice for people and places, where the setting is homey and family-inspired in appearance and feeling, residential and nursing care homes included. The advantage of installing wood flooring in care homes also includes more comfort, easier maintenance and also good insulation that ensures warm rooms and lower heating bills in the wintertime.

To add even more benefits of wood flooring to the list, we would like to mention that one of the best features of it is the fact that even when aged and pretty tired, your wooden floor can still look amazing and be improved visually and in condition. This is easily achieved thanks to the wood floor sanding treatment.

Especially when installed in public and commercial places as well as in homes with more residents and big families, wood floors tend to age quicker and experience more wear and tear as well as some minor or major issues due to extensive use or the aggressive environment, mainly due to humidity, moisture and high-temperature amplitude as well as regular changes in temperature.

Due to these environmental conditions, you may start noticing some not necessarily good changes in the condition and appearance of wood flooring that can lead to some bigger problems. In many situations and cases, sanding treatment can be the best solution to wood flooring issues and problems.

The process of sanding includes removing the top layer of the wooden floor, including the layer of aged, distressed or worn finish as well as a thin layer of the bare wood underneath if required. This way the pores of wood’s structure open up and get ready for an upcoming application of a fresh protective layer of finishing product that preserves the natural colour, texture and condition of the bare wood.

The sanding service is performed with the help of special equipment that includes the usage of sanding paper with varying density and intensity for maximum uniform and even results and removing of all finer imperfections like small scratches and dents, permanent stains, dullness or fading of the natural colours and more.

Due to the specifics of the treatment, sanding is often associated with making a big mess, piles of sawdust, a lot of noise, some heavy smell of the finishing product, at least a week for the floor to be completely ready to be used again and overall some general disruption to the day-to-day life and inconvenience. While wood floor sanding services used to be messy and inconvenient a couple of decades back, the current progress of the industry, technology and improved training and education of the sanding contractors leads to better, less messy services that include minimal disruption and disturbance and more comfort and convenience.

How is appropriate the sanding service for care and nursing homes?

Let’s start with the fact that installing a wooden floor in a care and nursing home is a very good investment and decision. Because of the advantage in terms of hard-wearing and long-lasting power as well as the classic elegance and beauty, easy to maintain nature and solidness over other types of flooring, wood is a great choice. Thanks to the fact that wood is resistant and hard-wearing, it is a good solution for places with high traffic and heavy footfall.

Furthermore and as we have already mentioned, the sanding service, besides being very beneficial for the wooden floor is also a service that is free of stress, hassle and mess when delivered by well-trained and experienced professionals that work with advanced equipment. How can a sanding service be delivered with little to no disruption and disturbance and what can be done so a convenient and stress-free service can be guaranteed performed in care homes?

For delivering a floor sanding service in care homes it is important to notice and keep in account that professional performance is not the only factor you need to consider. Of course, it is important that the service is performed by specialists and contractors that know their job perfectly and have the knowledge and experience to ensure perfect results, but the surrounding and additional aspects of such a project are very important too.

The usage of professional equipment as well as the professional approach to the project are essential and guarantee the desired results and often above and beyond that, but approaching a sanding project delivered in care homes the right way in terms of ensuring comfort and respecting the specifics of such an establishment is equally important.

A well-performed sanding service in care and nursing homes is focused on ensuring a custom-tailored schedule and often working after-hours or at night. A working schedule that is tailored and shows respect to the specific requirements of such an establishment is the best way to ensure comfort and minimal disruption to the everyday life of the residents. In care homes, it is recommended that the sanding process involves less noise and hassle.

The best way to guarantee calmness and less disturbance for the residents of the home is by working and delivering the service within appropriate hours, which may include hours of work outside the official working time of the company and contractor. A tailored schedule is a good solution to this situation. With that being said, a good and professional sanding contractor can ensure good time- and project management.

In order to perfect results at sanding and sealing be achieved, the sanding treatment might take a bit more time, so besides good time management skills, a good and professional sanding contractor would be able to engage more professionals and more equipment with the project, so these best results are achieved in less time.

Balancing timescale and great results and ensuring effectiveness and efficiency with the professional service delivered is how a sanding project in care homes should be approached and performed. This is the best way to ensure harmony and the welfare of the residents of a care home and still be able to achieve amazing results at sanding and taking care of the wooden floor by improving it visually and its condition too.

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