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Wood Floor Restoration Guide

Wooden floors are designed to last many decades, actually up to a whole century. How long you will be able to enjoy your wooden floor depends on how well and regularly you look after it. Part of the good and regular upkeep for real wood flooring, including solid wood, engineered wood and parquet floors, is professional wood floor renovation. Hiring an experienced, skilful and reliable professional team to do the job means that you will be able to get the full wood floor renovation package, because an experienced team of specialists knows exactly how to cover every stage of a wood floor restoration project and ensure the best for your wooden floor, find a solution to every imperfection and issue.

Wood floor renovation projects are recommended for all wooden floors that are damaged in a way. Floor damages that may require a professional wood floor restoration service may include issues such as loose, broken or distressed wooden floorboards, gaps, deep dents, scratches or marks, permanent stains, fading of the colour of the floor, warping or ballooning of the floorboards and a bunch of other issues, usually related to moisture damages, damages caused by increased humidity and temperature fluctuations, high traffic or general wear and tear.

If you think your favourite wooden floor has seen better days, it is probably about time for wood floor restoration. Wood floor restoration not only improves the way your wooden floor looks. Wood floor renovation, most importantly, improve the condition of your floor, pronging its life and making it more durable, hard-wearing and well-protected. In case you are more interested in the different processes involved in a wood floor restoration service, here is what you can expect from a professional wood floor restoration service.

Wood Floor Restoration: Floorboards Replacement

Floorboards replacementAfter wood floor specialists thoroughly inspect the condition of a floor, they may detect a few or more damaged floorboards that need to be replaced. Unfortunately, sometimes floorboards may be so damaged that they are beyond repair. This is when the only thing left is the replacement of the damaged floorboards as part of the wood floor restoration service. This is the best option – instead of lifting and disposing of the whole floor and investing in a new one, you can opt for wood floor restoration and spot repairs, save money and be able to enjoy the rest of your existing floor that is not damaged.

You may be doubting whether to opt for a wood floor restoration service or decide on replacing the whole floor, because you may worry if the new floorboards that replace the damaged ones will match the rest of the floor, or you will end up with a patchy surface. Worry not if you choose to work with experienced and reliable wood floor renovation professionals. The reputable wood floor renovation specialists usually work with a wide network of retailers, manufacturers and suppliers and they are able to find the exact very close match to the existing floorboards. However, if not the exact match, sanding and refinishing as part of the wood floor renovation process will help you get a uniform and flawless surface.

Wood Floor Restoration: Gap Filling

Another very common service part of the wood floor restoration project is gap filling. Gap filling as part of wood floor restoration is performed when they are gaps between the floorboards that compromise the stability, insulation, appearance or overall condition of the floor. Such gaps may appear over time, due to high traffic and the impact of moisture and temperature fluctuations. While not the most serious issue, gaps also require wood floor restoration. Wood floor restoration of gaps between the floorboards consists of filling the gaps. When the gaps are smaller, a mix of resin and wood dust is used. When the gaps are larger and wider, wood floor restoration specialists will fill the gaps with pine slivers. In order to make the restored areas impossible to see, wood floor restoration continues with sanding and refinishing.

Wood Floor Restoration: Sanding

Floorboards sandingProbably the most popular part of wood floor restoration is sanding. Wood floor sanding as part of the wood floor restoration process consists of stripping off the top layer of the wooden floor that consists of the old finish along with all surface imperfections such as scratches, marks, stains, etc.

The main idea of wood floor restoration and sanding is not only improving the appearance of the floor but mostly improving its condition and minimizing the risk of small surface imperfections growing into more serious issues and problems.

The best thing about sanding as part of wood floor restoration is that most floors can be sanded a few times in their lifetime. This means that every time wood floor restoration will ensure your floor gets the protection and improvement it deserves.

Wood Floor Restoration: Refinishing and Sealing

Floorboards refinishing & sealingRefinishing and sealing your floor is another major part of wood floor restoration. A wood floor restoration with refinishing involves the application of a couple of layers of wood floor restoration finishes to the surface of a sanded floor. Once the surface of the floor is smooth and uniform after sanding, wood floor restoration continues with applying a finish. Wood floor restoration finishes are available in different types. You choose the type of wood floor restoration finish based on the final effect you want to achieve – glossy, matt, or something in between.

You also need to choose the same type of wood floor restoration to finish your floor has been treated with before. Wood floor restoration finishes also offer different levels of protection. Make sure to take your time to consider the wood floor restoration finish you need to choose depending on how much traffic the treated floor gets. If you cannot decide on your own, you can consult with your wood floor restoration specialist and they will be able to recommend the right wood floor restoration product.

Professional wood floor restoration can really make a difference for any damaged floor. Wood floor restoration is mostly focused on improving the condition of the floor, but it also improves its look. Wood floor renovation is great for every wooden floor – new or older one. Wood floor renovation specialists can easily save you money by improving the floor thanks to wood floor restoration instead of you replacing the whole floor with a new one. Choose reliable and experienced wood floor restoration professionals.

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