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Wood Floor Refinish Guide

Wood floor sandingEven premium quality wooden floors that get the best, regular and proper upkeep, experience some degree of wear and tear eventually. Young children and pets contribute a lot to the worn and distressed look of hardwood flooring, high-traffic areas get the most scratches and stains and, overall, wooden floors are extremely durable and long-lasting, but minor imperfections will appear on the surface soon or later. This is when a professional wood floor refinish is much needed. The concept of a professional wood floor refinish service is removing the minor surface imperfections in order to bring back the initial beauty of the floor, but also minimise the risk of such imperfections leading to major issues with the condition and structural integrity of the floor.

Regular cleaning and a good maintenance routine can definitely prolong the life of your favourite wooden floor and keep it in perfect condition and flawless look for a long time. However, sooner or later the floor will be in need of a more in-depth, professional wood floor refinish service. If you have the time, want to show the world how handy you are, or you have a limited budget, wood floor refinish could be a DIY project. However, it is always recommended to hire a professional wood floor refinish team for the job as such specialists have the experience, knowledge and skills to handle every wooden floor properly and find solutions to every possible issue.

If you are interested in wood floor refinish and you would like to know what you can expect from a wood floor refinish professional service, here is a bit more information for you.

Why Opt for Wood Floor Refinish?

You may be wondering why and when your wooden floors are in need of a wood floor refinish. Let’s find out what you would like to opt for a wood floor refinish service or DIY project. The main idea behind a wood floor refinish treatment is restoring the wooden floorboards back to their original condition and appearance. This means that a wood floor refinish project will take care of all surface imperfections and remove them. Wood floor refinish is required for removing scratches, stains, dents, marks, dirt build-up and the old finish from the surface of all floorboards. More in-depth, wood floor refinish is achieved by sanding the surface of the floorboards, which means stripping off the old finish and a really thin layer of the floorboards, if needed, until the surface is absolutely smooth, uniform and even.

By removing the layer of worn down, wood floor finish reveals the natural beauty of the floorboards, their texture and colour, and prepares them for the next services of refinishing, sealing and staining, the latter being an optional one, the surface of the floor. However, it is important to mention that a wood floor refinish service is important not only for improving the floor visually but also for making it more durable and long-lasting as wood floor refinish improves the condition of the floorboards and significantly reduces the risk of more serious issues. Well-maintained wooden floors do not require a wood floor refinish too often, but you need to consider a wood floor refinish service every few years if your flooring experiences a lot of use, high traffic and heavy footfall.

Wood Floor Refinish – How to Prepare the Floor?

Prepare the floor for floor refinishBefore the wood floor refinish project is started, there are a few things required to be done in order for the floor to be prepared for a wood floor refinish. First of all, you need to have all furniture pieces removed out of the room or area where wood floor refinish is planned. This allows the wood floor refinish service to run smoothly and with no obstacles and that every part and inch of the floor will be thoroughly refinished.

Next, before the wood floor refinish stage, you need to ensure the floor is as clean as possible and all the dirt and dust are removed. A professional wood floor refinish team will then thoroughly inspect the condition of the floor. If some sorts of issues and imperfections are found that require additional treatment, before the wood floor refinish starts, the professionals will take care of these imperfections, filling in all the gaps between the floorboards, fixing down loose floorboards and replacing the ones that are too damaged with new ones.

Wood Floor Refinish – Sanding the Floor

One of the most important stages of a wood floor refinish project is sanding the floor. The process involves the usage of specially designed sanding equipment and a vast array of sanding machinery in order to ensure that the surface of the floor is treated to perfection and you get a super smooth, even and flawless wooden surface to continue with the wood floor refinish on.

This is also a part of the wood floor refinish project where you definitely want to hire a professional wood floor refinish team of specialists for the job. Sanding a floor is not that easy, it requires a lot of different equipment and most skills and experience. There are a lot of risks for the floor when wood floor sanding is performed by someone without any experience and the floor can be permanently damaged. Therefore, we always recommend you consider a team of wood floor refinish specialists when it comes to sanding.

Wood Floor Refinish – How to?

Wood floor refinishAfter the surface of the floor is sanded, it is about time for the actual wood floor refinish part of the project. Make sure the floor is thoroughly cleaned before you start with wood floor refinish.

Once every dust particle is gone from the surface of the floor, a wood floor refinish service can start with the application of a stain if you want to change the colour of the floor.

If this is not wanted, staining is skipped and wood floor refinish continues with applying a primer to the surface of the floor, allowing it to dry for a few hours and then application of a wood floor refinish product also known as a finish.

There are a lot of different types of wood floor refinish products available on the market, you can pick your depending on the finish and look you want to achieve, the budget you have and what was the previously used wood floor refinish product for the floor.

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