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Repairing or Replacing Your Hardwood Floor?

You own a beautiful hardwood floor. However, over time you start noticing some changes in its look. First, it all starts with an overall worn and tired look. A few scratches here and there, maybe some stains you are unable to remove. Then the colour of the floor starts changing. It may fade a bit, and get greyish or even yellowish. Then you deal with the squeaky noise. You start noticing that some floorboards are getting unfixed, they don’t stay in place anymore, and some of them may get loose and even break. Finally, you may experience the nightmare of the wood floor owners – water damage that often comes with cupping, ballooning, or warping of the floorboards. And in such situations you cannot help but think – does it worth it to go through all the wood floor repair hassle or you opt for the installation of a new floor to replace the damaged one. If you have asked yourself this question at least once in your lifetime, then this article is just for you.

Today we are going to explore all the pros and cons of having your floor repaired by the specialists when it is too damaged and all the pros and cons of actually replacing the damaged floor with a new one. Without further ado, let’s start discussing more and find out the right solution to your dilemma.

Wood Floor Repair – Pros and Cons

Wood floor repairProfessional wood floor repair deals with a number of wood floor damages. In fact, almost all wood floor damages and imperfections can be repaired and in a small number of cases, the floor cannot be repaired and requires a replacement. A professional wood floor repair deals with cases such as scratches, gouges, gaps, dents, marks, chips, discolouration, stains, greying or yellowing of the colour, water damage, and a lot more.

Some wood floor repairs could be done as a DIY project. However, this is recommended only in cases when the imperfection or damage is really small and insignificant. In the rest of the situations, we strongly recommend you opt for professional help. Experienced and reliable wood floor repair professionals can completely remove almost any damage to the wood floor, utilising a number of professional methods and equipment. Wood floor sanding and refinishing are among the most popular ways of removing imperfections and damage on the surface of the floor.

These services remove the small damages and minimise the risk of them growing bigger and causing more serious problems. Thanks to wood floor sanding and refinishing you can enjoy a floor that looks and feels brand new. The good news is that real wood floors can be re-sanded and refinished many times in their lifecycle and you can always achieve the flawless results you are looking forward to. Gap filling is another commonly used option. Filling in the gaps that appear between the floorboards is easy and quick and ensures improved stability and insulation of the floor.

Besides the many advantages, wood floor repair services may have some cons too. First of all, wood floor sanding is a bit of a messy service. Thankfully, modern-day equipment allows for an almost complete collection of the wood dust created during sanding. Despite that, it still creates some mess you need to clean afterwards. In addition, when refinishing the floor, you cannot use it immediately as it takes some time for the finish to be completely dry and ready to use.

Wood Floor Replacement – Pros and Cons

Floorboards replacementEveryone enjoys a brand-new wooden floor, indeed. Despite the fact it is quite of an investment, a few wooden floors can completely change the look and feel of every room, creating a lingering atmosphere of elegance, sophistication, style, beauty, and cosiness. So if you just cannot be bothered dealing with the damages of your old wooden floor or it is, unfortunately, beyond repair, your other option is to purchase and have installed a new wooden floor.

It all sounds great, you will be able to pick a style, colour, and texture that you like at the moment, you will be able to pick a trendy design, and you will be able to completely change the look and feel of your interior. However, keep in mind that replacing the old floor with a new one is the most expensive option. In this case, you need to pay not just for the new floor, but also for the lifting of the old one and the installation of the new one. In addition, sanding is messy, but wood floor replacement and installation can be equally messy. All these services take quite some time, even when performed by experienced professionals who work in a timely manner.

The Bottom Line

Whether or not your need to replace your old floor with a new one or keep the existing one and simply repair it is strictly down to personal preferences, budget, and needs. If an opportunity arises for a new floor to be installed… well, there is nothing like a brand-new wooden floor, indeed. However, in most cases your existing wooden floor will not be even that damaged and a quick re-sanding and refinishing services would do the trick to bring the floor back to its original condition and beauty, which means it will feel and look brand-new.

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