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Hardwood Floor Spot Repair

Hardwood floors are durable, sturdy, and solid. However, even the highest quality hardwood floor is not designed to resist every cause of damage, every scrape, and every accident that comes its way. Therefore, even the best hardwood floors are prone to a number of issues and imperfections. The best thing about real wood flooring is that, unlike any other flooring option, hardwood floors can be successfully renovated and restored back to their initial beauty and durability. What is even better is that if just an area of the floor is affected by an imperfection such as a scratch, a dent, mark, gouge, gap, or stain, you definitely don’t need to take care of the entire floor and you will be able to save yourself time, money, and energy. Hardwood floor spot repairs are a thing and they can definitely help you enjoy a floor that is brought back to its perfect condition and appearance without all the hassle and stress of a full-on wood floor repair service.

Spot Repairs to the Finish

Wood floor spot repairThe most common imperfections affecting the finish of your hardwood floor are surface scratches that are not too deep and not penetrating through the finish. While these usually do not hide serious risks for the floor itself, they definitely make your floor look too worn and old, therefore you would like to take care of them. What wood floor repair specialists would usually do is apply a light coating of wood floor wax to shallow and smaller scratches with the help of a soft cloth. Once the wax is applied thoroughly and all the excess is removed, the area is buffed slightly so the final result is a smooth and even surface that blend with the rest of the floor.

Food and beverage spills should be removed as soon as you notice them with a clean and dry cloth. However, if these leave stubborn stains that are impossible to remove with just a cleaning product, you can opt for covering the stain with a layer of cotton balls saturated with hydrogen peroxide and then covering this layer of cotton balls with another layer of cotton dipped in household ammonia. Leave the stain like this for a few minutes, then remove the cotton and wipe the spot with a clean cloth until completely dry. Finally, treat the spot with hardwood floor wax and buff lightly.

Smaller water stains that affect just the finish can be removed by rubbing them with fine steel wool. However, if does not help and the water stain is deeper and more stubborn, the affected area should be lightly sanded with fine-grit sandpaper until the water stain disappears. The sawdust is then removed carefully in order to prevent scratching of the wood. Finally, the spot is recoated with the right finish. Fine steel wool can also be used for removing black shoe marks. Slight rubbing is usually more than enough for getting rid of them. Once the area is cleaned, you buff a bit of hardwood floor wax with a clean cloth and the floor will look brand-new.

Plank Replacement

Now, sometimes the damage to the floor is way too serious to treat it with some household remedies and DIY methods. However, if the affected floorboards are just a few and the problems is not affecting the entire or the majority of the floor, you can always opt for a professional spot repair service. A professional wood floor restoration team will carefully inspect the affected area and decide what is the best approach. If the floorboards are way too damaged and beyond repair, the best option for you will be just replacing the distressed floorboards with new ones.

Now, it is recommended that this is done by reliable and experienced professionals. Lifting and removing the damaged floorboards should happen carefully so no other floorboards are affected by the process. Once this is done, the subfloor should be also inspected and if there are some issues noticed, the subfloor should also be treated appropriately. Finally, the new floorboards that will be installed as a replacement for the damaged ones should match the rest of the floor as much as possible to prevent contrasting colour variation and ensure a uniform and sleek look for your favourite wooden floor. This can be done by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

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