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Cork Floor Restoration Process

Cork flooring is beautiful and warm, natural-looking and unique wood floor solution. To extend its life span and protect its beauty, floor restoration is essential. The restoration process has been discussed below, including different flooring services such as cork floor sanding, sealing and repairs.

  1. Check if the cork floor you are having is a solid one, which would make it appropriate for floor sanding. 
  2. Check the thickness of the tiles and estimate is it suitable for sanding
  3. If any cork tiles need to be replaced, wait for the glue to dry properly before you start.
  4. This process should be done with professional belt and orbital sanding machines
  5. Cork is soft, so the initial abrasive grid can be 40 or 60 grit.
  6. As with any other wooden flooring, finishing to high grit and buffing are required
  7. Application of the sealant goes after a thorough vacuuming and selecting a finish compatible with cork flooring
  8. Light buff before the last coat is always the right choice for the smoothest finish.

A thorough restoration process would help you bring back the cork floor to its previous beauty and restore the high-wearing top protection layer, this would also increase its life span.

Cork floor sandingHere are some sanding tips for the floor restoration of your cork flooring:

  • When not sure, contact the manufacturer first: you can discuss the different dimensions, specifications, floor finishes and compatible products for your project with the local supplier or manufacturer. Once you know all the details, you will be able to estimate are the tiles suitable for sanding and what materials would best serve your purposes.

  • Cork restoration is a delicate process. It requires a professional manner, otherwise, it might result in unrepairable damage and the need of changing the whole installation. For new unfinished cork flooring, a buffer and 120 or 150 screens would be sufficient.

  • After the surface is removed, the right finish should be selected. More often, water-based finishes are the ones recommended for cork. Hardwax-oils and oils can be used as well, but are not a common choice. Before the application of any sealant as part of the cork floor restoration, the compatibility should be checked with manufacturers.

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