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What Is The Best Method for Gap Filling Pine Floorboards?

This a general question we get every week.

The answer is one. The proper way of gap filling for the original pine floorboards comes with clear resin mixed with the sawdust from the sanding process. Gaps with a width of 5 mm can safely go with resin mixed with dust from 40 grit sanding run. Dust collected from finer grits is suitable for smaller gaps and usually used for gap filling parquet flooring with small gaps between the blocks.

How Durable Is The Resin Gap Filling

There should be no flooring company with self-esteem promising you the gap filling will be lasting for years on pine floorboards flooring or any planked flooring without tongue & groove system. That all depends on the solidness of the floorboards, how well they are fitted, their thickness and the condition of the joists - parameters all defining how stable the boards feel, as the only reason for the filling to come out could be a movement on the boards.

Strip Filling

Wider gaps are usually filled by pine timber slivers. Due to the number of occasions clients get eventually disappointed by the durability of the standard resin gap filling we get often calls with specific requirements for strip filling.

Although this solution is effective on many local, random fillings, which improve the durability of a solution, it is not, however, a solution to apply on the entire area. Although achieving the required results is possible, with a bit more hard work and patience, not always the final results as appearance may satisfy the visual expectations.

I always recommend to clients to consider as well the visual impact they will cause by going for strip filling on larger areas, as well as the cost, which may put the final price for your service significantly. In the end, with the restoration of our pine boards, we all look at an affordable to bring the beauty and warmth of the planked wood into our home.

How Many Times The Floors Are Gap Filled During Restoration

That depends on the size of the gaps, but usually, two applications of gap filling are required for the proper achievement of the process.

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