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Squeaky Noise from Wooden Floors

Hi, I have recently installed new wooden floors in my house (in the hall and in the lounge). Unfortunately, the job was done not very good and the floors are creaking in many places which is really annoying. I am wondering if your company can provide a service of fixing the creaking? Is it possible to fix it locally without re-laying everything again? Thanks, Dmitry

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for writing to us. To provide a helpful answer, could you please advise on the following details:

  • What is the type of flooring installed - engineered flooring? or solid wood flooring?
  • If solid, was it nailed-down over wooden subfloors or was it glued - where was the glue placed (t&g, bottom).
  • If engineered, do you know the thickness of the product in mm, or would you know if it was tongue & groove board or click system?
  • If engineered, were any nails used on fitting.
  • What is the subfloor - floorboards, chipboards panels, plywood, concrete?

You may not know all these details, but they will give us the answer to your question, so the more we know the better.


The floor is solid wood. It was glued (not nailed-down).
The subfloor is either floorboards or chipboards panels (but most probably floorboards).

Many thanks. Dmitry.

Hi Dmitry,

Here are some points to consider as a source of the issue.

  1. Chipborded Subfloor
    Chipboard tongue & groove panels, which haven't been fixed well to the joists/support is usually the reason for squeaky noise coming from wooden floors.
  2. Original Pine Boards
    Not likely to produce squeaking - pine is a soft porous wood, which shrinks with the age - not a common source for squeaky issues.
  3. Solid Wood Floor Installation
    The proper way of installation of solid wood over floorboards goes by nailing down. The proper way of installation of solid wood over chipboard goes by glueing down.

If the floors were glued down by the floor fitters, most likely it was done over chipboard and as mentioned unsecure chipboard panels are a common source of squeaking noise. Due to the strong bonding between floors & subfloors, removing the floors with such installation would mean relaying or repairing the subfloors and new flooring to be installed.

If the floors were laid by glueing into the tongue & groove by the floor fitters, this will be wrong but would mean the floors can be removed without damaging the subfloor. In this case, some of the existing floors can be preserved and reused on new wood floor installation and the subfloor will be preserved.

Hope that helps.

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