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I Would Like To Install Reclaimed Parquet Flooring Blocks


I have some parquet flooring blocks which friend of mine kindly offered, which would like to get fitted into a lounge and hallway - do you provide such service? The blocks have blacks resin and the overall area is about 36 sqm. It's a concrete subfloor.

We do get calls sometimes for people enquiring about the installation of reclaimed parquet blocks. I've always tried to understand what could be the reason for such initiative and below will put my "Why?" points.

Price Of Parquet Flooring Blocks

Unless bought as a lot from eBay or salvage from a friend, usually prices of reclaimed blocks can go to £35 - £40 per sqm. Compared to new oak blocks, where Rustic Grade blocks start from £18.00 ex. vat and Prime may fetch about £28.00 per sqm (and teak is just over £33.00 per sqm, ex. vat), I do not see a reason, why the cost would be a reason for attracting installation of reclaimed parquet blocks.

The State of The Blocks You Supply

Talking about reclaimed blocks we usually imagine they have been glued down with bitumen. The unpleasant, but definitely good adhesive solution they had in the past, didn't they? It seems from some if the blocks it has even lifted up parts of the concrete.

Well, we now have to clean those and make sure they are in a similar thickness.

INTERESTING FACT: 1.00 sqm will be covered by approx. 48 blocks of parquet flooring. An area of 30 sqm will be covered by approx. 1,440 blocks.

The preparation of the blocks can be a relatively quick, but also quite unpleasant and long-lasting job, so please consider the condition of the blocks before you buy them.

The Wastage of The Blocks You Allow

If you are supplying new parquet flooring blocks the usual wastage allowance should be between 10 - 12% extra on top of the measured area. With the reclaimed parquet flooring block, there will be a large number of blocks which will be unusable so please consider 20% excess on blocks for wastage and not usable blocks for one or another reason.

Fitting & Finishing Parquet Flooring

When new parquet flooring blocks are fitted usually the level of the floor is good and the finishing will only deal minor gap filling and getting the sealant and surface right. The usually involves light sanding, buffing and sealing to get to the perfect finish.

With the reclaimed parquet flooring blocks the picture will look a bit rougher. There will be edges of blocks, which will not meet each other on the same level and that may cover most of the floors.

Some of the block edges will be worn out of the previous usage, from the loose packaging and transportation. That will cause natural grooving between the blocks in sections or singular blocks, which will, therefore, require proper gap filling and proper sanding of the floors.

The final result after parquet floor sanding should be satisfying, however, the amount of filler to go down on the floor may double, or triple the amount we would use on new parquet flooring blocks.

I Would Like To Keep The Rough Condition of My Reclaimed Parquet Blocks?

This sounds like a good idea to some, but in fact, is impossible. To have the floors refinished, cleaned, resealed - all that requires sanding, and wood floor sanding is completed when the floor level is equalised and all the surface is released from the previous finish.

So, Well. Do You Install Reclaimed Parquet Flooring Blocks?

Check the above points and if you still like to consider the installation of reclaimed parquet blocks, then the answer is Yes, we do!

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