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Cleaning Wooden Floors with Bona Cleaning Kit

Bona spray mop cleaningFlooringFirst! is a leading distributor of Bona products, offering the complete range of wood floor cleaning and maintenance products of the company. Bona is a leading company in the world of wood flooring, a manufacturer of high-quality and hard-wearing real wood flooring materials and products and equipment designed to take proper and high-quality care of real wood floors and ensure you are able to enjoy hard-wearing, durable, and beautiful floor for decades. Real wood floors are designed to last up to a whole century and even beyond. The only thing required for helping your floor look and feel amazing for decades is proper and regular upkeep.

A big role in the proper maintenance and care of wood floors plays cleaning. When it comes to wood floor cleaning, you don't have to invest a lot of time, energy, money, or elbow grease. However, you have to make sure you are doing it properly in order to achieve perfect results.

Bona is your reliable helping hand for achieving the best results when taking everyday care of your favourite wooden floor. The company invests a lot in developing innovative and efficient technologies, ideas, and concepts for wood flooring upkeep that is easy and fast enough for every household. Bona cleaning equipment and products are designed to powerfully remove any dirt, even the most stubborn one, while still being very gentle to the wooden floor itself and its finish.

Proper Wood Floor Upkeep and Cleaning

The most fundamental concept of wood floor cleaning removes around choosing the right methods, equipment, and products that effectively gets rid of all sorts of dirt, even stubborn one, however, they are still gentle to wood and wood floor finishes. When it comes to wood floor cleaning products, you want to use only those that have neutral pH, which means they won't affect the condition and appearance of the finish. This pretty much means that you never want to treat your floor and apply any other type of multi-purpose finish of washing detergent as you risk having the finish damaged and distressed.

Furthermore, a common issue is caused by inappropriate wood floor cleaning scratches. While finer surface scratches are usually not that much of a problem and they normally do not hide high risks for major issues, they certainly affect the appearance of the floor and make it appear older and worn. Surface scratches can be caused by many things and cleaning is part of them. In order to avoid the occurrence of scratches as much as possible, you always want to clean your home with a broom with soft bristles or use the vacuum attachment of your vacuum cleaner that is designed for hardwood floors only.

Whenever you are using a mop to clean the floor, make sure the mop is just slightly damp and never wet in order to prevent the risk of water damage. Furthermore, choose a mophead material that is made of soft materials which won't scratch the floor's finish. Bona Spray Mop comes with a reusable microfiber cleaning pad that cleans the floor quickly and effectively with no streaks left and no scratches. The result is always a shiny and beautiful-looking floor.

Wood Floor Cleaning Products by Bona

Bona wood floor cleaning products are your handy helping hand when it comes to every wood floor cleaning maintenance. You can choose between different products and find what suits your type of flooring the best. Combine your cleaning product with Bona Spray Mop for streak-free and sleek-looking flooring and a quick and easy cleaning process.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner

Innovative formula developed for real wood floors that are finished with a lacquer. Also suitable for laminate flooring The product is ready to use and leaves no smears and streaks, no build-up and sticky residue. Efficient at removing even stubborn dirt and grime. The product is sold separately or as part of the Bona Cleaning Kit.

Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors

Efficient care for your oiled wood flooring, Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors is easy to use, absolutely safe for the floor and your home, and effective at removing stubborn dirt and grime. The product is designed to not just clean but also nourish real wood flooring finished with an oil-based finish. It increases the protective power of the finish. Leaves no streaks and smears and no sticky or oily residue.

Bona Soap

Bona Soap is a cleaning product specially designed for hardwood floors. The advanced formula ensures protection for real wood flooring while the product is efficient enough to remove stubborn dirt and grease. Bona Soap comes with a neutral pH and it nourishes wooden floors, improving the protective power of the finish. Suitable for domestic and commercial wood flooring.

Removing Dirt & Grit

Vacuum, dry mop or sweep to remove any loose dirt or grit. If you vacuum, use a soft brush attachment. If you dry-mop using the Bona Cleaning Pad, remember to remove any loose dirt or grit afterwards. Rinse with water and wring out the pad thoroughly before cleaning with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner.


Lightly mist a 10 x 15 cm area of your floor or spray the cleaning pad directly.


Use a slightly dampened, well wrung-out Bona cleaning pad and thoroughly clean the floor surface with your Bona Mop. Finish one area before moving on to the next. When your cleaning pad becomes soiled, rinse it with water and wring out thoroughly before you continue cleaning. If the pad becomes excessively soiled, launder and replace it with a clean one to avoid streaking.

Reusable and Washable

The Bona Cleaning Pads are reusable and washable. Do not use any fabric softeners, dryer sheets or bleach on your cleaning pad as these products will diminish the natural cleaning characteristics of the microfibre. Our microfibre pads are not treated with any chemicals.

Starfiber - Revolutionary Microfibre technology

The system embraces a revolutionary new microfibre technology for mops and pads. Instead of leaving dirt on the floor like ordinary cotton mops, the electrostatic action of our Bona Mop with microfibre attracts dust and common household allergens when used dry. When used with floor cleaner, it absorbs dust and dirt, wicking it away from your beautiful floors.

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