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HP Commercial - Premium quality two-component water-based lacquer

06 Apr, 2023

Junckers HP CommercialJunckers HP Commercial is a two-component, water-based 100% polyurethane lacquer that provides an exceptionally durable and scuff-resistant finish. It is designed for use in very high-traffic areas and boasts fast curing times, being ready for use the following day without yellowing. It can be used on both previously sealed surfaces as well as new or fully sanded floors. For maximum performance, it should be mixed with Junckers HP Hardener before application. The combination of HP Commercial and Hardener will provide superior protection from wear and tear, helping to maintain the look of your floor for years to come.

HP Commercial has received the prestigious Danish Indoor Climate Labelling, which certifies that its product has passed a rigorous series of volatile emission and odour tests. This guarantees that there are no hazardous chemical substances in the product which could potentially disturb air quality and put people's health at risk. This labelling is only awarded to products that meet stringent standards and have been tested by independent experts. HP Commercial has been thoroughly evaluated to ensure it complies with the highest safety standards, making it suitable for professional use in both home and commercial environments.

Bona Mix&Fill Plus - Outstanding Waterborne Filler for Wooden Floors

The waterbased joint filler from Bona has improved qualities
01 Jan, 2016

Bona Mix Fix PlusAny professional wood floor sanding specialist knows the importance of the quality of the wood floor filler. The gap filling is an essential part of the floor restoration process. Well-done gap filling contributed to the smooth and even finish of the wooden floor. Most of the gap fillers nowadays are solvent-based due to their durability. However, Bona has created Bona Mix & Fill Plus, which is a waterborne gap filler with a filling capacity equal to solvent-based alternatives.

Bona Mix & Fill Plus is a fast drying product with good abrasion properties. Those characteristics of the wood floor filler speed up the floor restoration process and make it a desirable choice most of the wood floor sanding companies. In addition, Bona Mix & Fill Plus needs to be applied only once in normal condition, which helps the floor sanding specialists save time, effort and money.

Bona Mix & Fill Plus is compatible with all Bona finishes and oil. It has very low solvent content, which means that you can work without unpleasant smell and hazardous fumes. Bona Mix & Fix Plus can be used for gap filling of wooden floors of tropical species such as Jatoba and Merbau.

FlooringFirst! Services Launches 400+ Laminate Products

We supply & fit over 400 Laminates from QuickStep, Balterio, EGGER, Elka, Chene & Lifestyle
04 Apr, 2023

FlooringFirst! is pleased to advise of a new, 400+ laminate flooring range available through our Online Flooring Shop including market leaders like QuickStep, Balterio, EGGER, Chene, Elka and many more. Through our wide range of laminate products, we are able to provide a complete supply & fit package service. Our products include 7, 8, 9 and 10 mm thick products for resident and commercial use. Visit us at our flooring warehouse or arrange a visit with a member of staff at your convenience.


We launch 8 New Underlays With Our Floor Fitting Service

Widest choice of sounproofing and damproofing underlays on the market.
01 Jan, 2016

gold underlay used for wood flooring

FlooringFirst! is introducing 8 new wood floor underlay products with our wood floor fitting service to provide better price flexibility for clients and more options for projects requiring better soundproofing and underfloor heating.

Lower priced DPM enabled underlays are now included, as well as products with a sound reduction of 28dB, 47 dB and 53 dB. New products will also offer a better solution for unevenness in the sub-floors and their heavy mass will increase stability and ensure zero movements with excellent impact sound and airborne insulation.

The new budget-friendly products include Timbertech products and the soundproofing solutions come with Technics 5 and Acoustic Plus.

In line with our existing range from Duralay, comes Timbertech - good quality and popular products on the market right now. The aluminium barrier protects wood flooring against moisture damage caused by residual dampness migrating from the subfloor. 

In addition, we have added the Sika Silent Layer Mat for glue-down installations of solid wood flooring with underlays.

If you are considering booking our flooring service, you will absolutely get the best and widest choice of flooring underlays on the market. 


Merger between Pergo and QuickStep Laminates

01 Oct, 2016

pergo and quick step merge

Unilin, the official distributor of Quick-Step and Elka brands has advertised that it will be joining Pergo (the inventor of laminates) in their 2013 product range.

Pergo is a leading manufacturer of premium laminate in both Europe and the United States and it is one of the pioneers in laminate flooring and one of the strongest brands in the U.S and Europe. This cooperation, which brings together UNILIN’s world-class laminates, engineered wood and Vinyl technology and Pergo’s intellectual property and manufacturing technology, will create a business with a unique focus on design, innovation, quality and service that will enable us to deliver an unrivalled flooring experience to their customers.

In commenting on the acquisition, Jeffrey S. Lorberbaum, Chairman and CEO, stated, "Pergo is a leader in laminate flooring in the U.S. and Nordic countries with premium value-added strategies. This acquisition complements our speciality distribution network with Pergo's strength in the U.S. DIY channel. Besides, Pergo leverages our geographic position and provides opportunities to enhance Unilin's patent portfolio.  The combination of the entities offers significant opportunities to optimize the assets of both companies while enhancing the design and product performance of both brands."

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